Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CRS Stars Inc. announces Club Bolivar to represent Bolivia in the Dallas Cup

CRS Stars Inc. announces Club Bolivar to represent Bolivia in the Dallas Cup

Press Release:

Dallas, TX, January 17, 2012: CRS Stars Inc. today announced that Club Bolivar will represent Bolivia in the U-19 group this year.

Club Bolivar President, Marcelo Claure and CRS Stars Inc. President, Reynaldo H. Lopez confirmed today that Club Bolivar will be returning to the 2012 International Dallas Cup in April this year. “It will be important that we continue what we started last year and make a tradition of participating in the Dallas Cup. Club Bolivar is sending a message to the Bolivian Soccer world that our players can play at the same level with the best teams in the world”, said Marcelo Claure.

Club Bolivar’s USA Representative, Coach Reynaldo H. Lopez, former Dallas Cup Alumnus (1987) is optimistic of the team’s participation this year due to the high quality level of the team. Club Bolivar’s Pre-Professional team just completed the season and won the Championship in their division. The team has already started training for the Cup. “This team has a lot of talent and they know that it will be a difficult competition but they are ready for the challenge”, said Coach Rey Lopez.

Club Bolivar’s Pre-Professional Coach, Oscar Villegas, is working hard with the U-19 team to provide the highest caliber of competition for this tournament. “Club Bolivar is one of the best clubs in South America and in Bolivia, and by participating in International Tournaments such as the Dallas Cup, it will make a difference in the way the Club focuses on the lower division youth program”, said Lopez.

Club Bolivar and CRS Stars, Inc. have started a program that allows players from Dallas to travel and train in Bolivia with the Club Bolivar pre-professional teams. In turn, Bolivian players travel to Dallas to train and participate in the Dallas Cup. These programs provide international exposure for both countries.

Club Bolivar is both excited and honored to be invited back to the Dallas Cup 2012 and look forward to the games in April.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Economic Impact of Dr Pepper Dallas Cup

The economic impact of youth soccer tournament across this nation is substantial. Dr Pepper Dallas Cup is a $8,000,000 Economic Impact Over 8-Day Period In Dallas Area.

which starts with the boys weekend tomorrow and follows with a girls weekend beginning March 19 -- draws about 30,000 people and generates about $9 million for the region, according to economic impact studies conducted for the Richmond Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau

"The total economic impact for San Diego Surf Cup XXX (July 24-26 and July 31, August 1-2, 2010) was $16,986,593, and San Diego Surf College Cup 2010 (November 26-28, 2010) was $5,142,570 – totaling $22,129,163."

“The economic impact that this campus will have over the next few years, with its sheer size and capacity to host hundreds of teams, is enormous,” said Jason Puckett, director of sports for the Sarasota County Sports Commission. “Last year, when 170 teams competed in this event at the Sarasota Polo Grounds, the tournament produced $2.5 million of economic impact, 1,232 room nights (based on hotel reporting) and 3,230 non-local competitors. With estimates of 300 teams for this year, the projected economic impact could be $4.1 million, 2,500 room nights and 4,750 non-local competitors. It’s huge for this area.”

The 12-state regional tournament is expected to bring in about 208 teams from as far away as Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee, said Carl Tipton, the local organizing committee chairman. Organizers estimate the economic impact for the city and surrounding area could be between $5 million and $9 million.