Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday night live blog part 2

10:32 What an unreal finish to the final group game of Dallas Cup. The semfinal places were not confirmed until the last 30 seconds of the tournament. It will be Mexico vs Monterrey and Cruzeiro vs Tottenham on Friday night, don't miss it.

10:25 UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Gabriel Carvalho of Cruzeiro latches onto a cross that was cleared to the top of the box and overhead volleys the winning goal for the Brazilians!!! No more than 30 seconds before the end, Cruzeiro books their place in the final 4

10:20 5 minutes of injury time...Chivas is holding on.

10:18 Oooh! #11 Warley Alves for Cruzeiro steals the ball, and steps into a curling shot from 25 yards out that is magnificently parried away by the Chivas keeper....Corner to Cruzeiro right at 90 minute mark

10:13 Game is really heating up! Cruzeiro has a chance off a long clearance from the keeper that gets carried in the wind all the way to the Chivas box. It fell to the Cruzeiro forward who could only manage a tame shot 87th minute

10:08 Best chance of the second half for Cruzeiro a cross whipped in with a free header from 10 yards out sent right at the keeper.

10:07 Cruzeiro starting to push forward looking for the goal to put them in the semifinals...getting close.

9:52 Apologies for the gap inbetween posts...Back and forth action, with Chivas holding the advantage.

9:35 30 seconds into the second half and Chivas has a glorious scoring opportunity...shot goes right at the keeper who holds on.

9:18 Halftime here at Pizza Hut Park....should be a huge second half. Cruzeiro needs a goal to go through.

9:13 The games is a battle in the midfield....not much going on in either attacking third. 42nd minute

9:01 Cruzeiro puts a shot into the side netting after some nifty, Brazilian samba moves

8:54 Cruzeiro pushing forward nearly scores again from a header at the backpost off a free kick...wish I could get names, but these numbers are really tough to see

8:52 Just a minute later Cruzeiro strikes back! A cruzeiro player sent a beautiful header towards goal saved well but the rebound was punched home...we're knotted at 1!

8:50 Goal Chivas! Free kick struck beautifully bent to the top left corner by Eder Hernandez. Goalie had no chance

8:43 Very even first ten minutes with neither side gaining much of an advantage...Cruzeiro has already been forced to make a substitution.

8:37 Legion Texas is here supporting Chivas

8:34 Chivas' black numbers on the red and white jerseys are almost unintelligible


Lopez, Cristhian
Martinez, Juan Carlos
Gutierrez, Gabriel
Torres, Oscar
Navarro, Daniel
Hernandez, Eder
Orozco, Juan Pablo
Mendoza, Daniel
Rodriguez, Antonio
Esparza, Carlos
Mojarro, Edwin
Vazquez, Cesar

Borgez, Ruan
Mota, Gilmerson
Rodrigues, Weslley
Bento, Marcos
Silva, Hyago
Bessa, Eber
Jesus, Fabricio
Santos, Alan
Silva, Jose
Oliveira, Murilo
Soares, Wenderson

Cruzeiro and Chivas are out on the field for their showdown. Chivas is through to the semis with a draw or a win and Cruzeiro must win to move on to the semifinals....stay here for a description of all the action

Wednesday night live blog

8:20 1-0 Final to Eintracht! Great performance from the Germans... disappointing week for the Americans.

8:07 headed down to the field for quotes....

8:05 best moment of the match from the USA....great buildup play to get Jesus Gonzlaez space to deliver a great ball to Orozco at the far post. Orozco has time to settle the ball, but his shot is saved by a sliding defender 87th minute

8:02 Bates puts a wide open header from 10 yards out wide of the post....USA can't buy a goal.

8:01 Finley makes a nice run but gets the ball stuck up under his feet

7:58 Will bates on for Cesar Zamora 79th minute

7:52 Dillon Powers, the only player offering anything tonight, makes a nice run forward earning a dangerous free kick right at the top of the D....74th minute. De La Fuente, J. Gonzalez and Orozco standing over the box. Orozco hits it around the wall, saved brilliantly by the goalie.

7:48 USA is holding possession decently but to quote one writer in the press box "anemic going forward" "A sloppier, worse version of the first half"

7:44 Rongen is reading this blog...Jesus Gonzalez in for Polak

7:40 Polak not having a good match...gets beat by Alvarez off the dribble but shot is sent into the side netting

7:38 Ruben Gonzalez getting forward well for the US...earns a corner played short to Polak who sends in a terrible cross.

7:33 scores from today:
Chelsea 1 Monterrey 0 FC Dallas 2 LD Alajuelense 1
Tottenham 2 Tigres 0 Dallas Texans 3 Japan 2
Mexico 1 Vancouver 0
Hoffenheim 7 CZ Elite 0

7:31 Tosun and Alvarez are giving the USA backline all sorts of trouble. They combine well and are a perfect pairing of size and speed. USA can't seem to get much going.

7:26 Orozco dummies a ball to DeLaFuente who gives it back to Orozco but the chance goes begging.

7:25 Second half about to kick off...Ruben Gonzalez on for Jose Altamirano for USA

7:10 Halftime it's 1-0 Frankfurt...Eintracht is pretty much holding the run of play. USA has had a few limited chances but only one good scoring chance while Eintracht has hit the post and had a few other dangerous opportunities.

7:08 Goal for Frankfurt! Cenk Tosun scores on a USA defensive mixup by Tyler Polak and Valentin allows Tosun to sneak in and slot it past MacMath 1-0 Frankfurt right before halftime

6:56 Wedemeyer fouls Orozco creating a dangerous free kick on the edge of the box.....Free kick finds the head of Valentin who heads just wide! Half the crowd thought it was in

6:53 Orozco's nifty moves earn a corner kick for the US...corner finds Valentin who heads it over the bar. 31st minute

6:51 A great ball down the right side frees Marcos Alvarez into a ton of space, but he is indecisive on the ball and wastes a good opportunity....corner to Eintracht cleared by Zamora

6:45 Free kick for Eintracht headed out by USA to Tosun at the top of the box who blasts it well over

6:43 Frankfurt features two German U19 international forwards in Marcos Alvarez and Cenk Tosun

6:41: 19th minute and things have been very back and forth...Frankfurt hit the post about 5 minutes ago off a header from Tosun. DeLaFuente fluffed a breakaway for USA earlier

We're running a bit late here, but we're going to live blog the action tonight from PHP.

USA Lineup



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nike Taking Dallas Cup to a Whole New Level

By Daniel Robertson

When it was announced earlier in the year that Nike would be joining the Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup family everyone associated with the tournament knew this would be a match made in heaven, but no one could anticipate just how far Nike was planning on going to make the Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup the premier youth tournament in the world. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, Nike has draped the areas around Pizza Hut Park with some of the coolest banners you'll see featuring Dallas Cup stars of the past like Clint Dempsey and Robinho while taking the available merchandise places we've never seen before at the tournament.

Anyone who has been to the tournament so far has no doubt stopped by one of the numerous Nike merchandise tents around here and been blown away by the ridiculously cool shirts and hats. Perhaps the neatest part of Nike's presence at Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup XXXI has been their boot room and adjoining Nike Soccer+ training challenge.

Located on field 10 right behind the Dr. Pepper Victory Center and in the nearest parking lot right next to Technology Drive, the Nike boot room and Soccer+ training challenge showcases their spiffy new line of soccer boots. Open to the public the entire week of Dallas Cup, anyone can go check out the three new styles of boots, the Total 90 Laser III's , Mercurial Vapor Superfly II, and CTR360's.

After deciding which of the boots is your favorite, go to the other side of the tent and sign up for the Nike Soccer+ Challenge. There's three different challenges that target specific areas of skill that were developed with world superstars Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres and Cesc Fabregas. First, players try the master accuracy test known as the Torres Challenge, second is the Master Control known as the Cesc Challenge and finally you go to the Master Speed known as the Ronaldo Test.

Head over to the tent and see if you can beat my terrible scores and get your name on the big screen scoreboard outside of their tent featuring the top scores of the week. Here's my scores:

Master Control: 31.15(particularly shameful)
Master Accuracy: 68.91
Master Speed 25.23

If you're wondering how I remember my scores, they give you a very cool lanyard and card with your scores digitally printed on there.....did I mention this was all free?

So head on over to the Nike Soccer+ tent at Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup and if you're not in Dallas head over to to get tons of more info on the whole line of Nike's new boots.

Off day for Super Group

With the Super Group having an off day before their final group games on Wednesday, international teams have taken the opportunity to visit local high schools and hospitals.

" Dallas Cup is more than about soccer. Six international teams visited 4 local high schools and 2 area hospitals. Q & A secessions exchanging cultural customs and like and dislikes. A big Thank You to the Hospitals, Schools and Frisco Mayor Maso. " - Gordon Jago

Tigres at Frisco High School

Tottenham visits Dallas Children's Hospital

Chelsea at Scottish Rite Hospital

Monday, March 29, 2010

Oscar Pareja post-game quotes

Some very interesting stuff from FC Dallas Juniors head coach Oscar Pareja after his team's 2-1 defeat to CF Monterrey tonight.

Oscar Pareja:

I didn’t like the first half, we came a little bit flat. Still the tournament for me is one of those experiences for some of the boys, many of them are for the first time playing against probably one of the biggest clubs in the world in Chelsea’s case or Monterrey one of the biggest programs in Mexico that has that prestige. So that impact they didn’t absorb it quickly and it was hard to digest. Once they went on the pitch and said ‘well you know what we can do this too, we’re this good, then they start reacting. And then against Chelsea it was way late but today it was good timing and they got the game back. I think today was a good performance I’m very very pleased with it. I think we competed against them under the same conditions and I’m very proud of it. I think it was a great second half and I said to the boys the second half, for me, if I play any game or lose any game the way I played in the second half I don’t care.

What did you see about the penalty kick?

I didn’t see any PK. I still think that department has to be improved. The quality wasn’t good from the guys in yellow but there’s nothing you can do from the bench when they call the PK. It’s difficult to change it but it definitely wasn’t a PK.

Since they went down 3-0 to Chelsea it seems the team has rebounded and gained confidence, where did that confidence come from?

It is the lack of meaningful games that we need for our elite players. These two games are just the proof of it. We have many games but not meaningful games…Games that mean something for real, not just a tournament or championship but the games where they get exposed to people and the media. They have to do it because they have to prove that they’re good enough to go to the next level. So we’re lacking of those games, how many of those can we play in a year? Two or three if were lucky, but the other games are just, you know games at the select level…

To answer your question though we’ve proved and I say over and over, American players have the talent, conditions, attitude, mentality, everything to get to the next level and put this country to the next next next level and compete with the big guys. What we need is to give our youth meaningful games. Monterrey, Chelsea they’re all the time playing big games. They play the FA Cup, playing in Europe in front of media, television , and fans. Monterrey guys are dying because they need to sign a contract tomorrow or that’s it. We are just there. But I’m very happy to participate in the Super Group, nothing has helped me more than these last two games.

What have you learned from the Super Group yourself as a coach?

I’ve learned that the young players are very very tender still and it’s easy to turn it on or turn it off. In games like this you have to be more active than usual…I didn’t used to talk much or coach much during the games but I saw in the last two games that they need me more and I learned that.

Super Group results and standings

Bracket A

CF Monterrey 3 LD Alajuelense 0
Chelsea FC 4 FC Dallas Academy 2

LD Alajuelense 1 Chelsea 0
CF Monterrey 2 FC Dallas ACademy 1

Chelsea FC vs CF Monterrey 2PM Pizza Hut Park Field #6
LD Alajuelense vs FC Dallas Academy 4PM Pizza Hut Park Field #6

Standings Pts GP W L T GF GA GD

CF Monterrey 6 2 2 0 0 5 1 +4
Chelsea FC 3 2 1 1 0 4 3 +1
LD Alajuelense 3 2 1 1 0 1 3 -2
FC Dallas U18 0 2 0 2 0 3 6 -3

Bracket B

Chivas 4 Hoffenheim 2
Cruzeiro 2 CZ Elite 1

Chivas 4 CZ Elite 0
Cruzeiro 5 Hoffenheim 1


TSG 1899 Hoffenheim vs CZ Elite 2PM Richland College Field #10
Cruzeiro EC vs Chivas Guadalajara 830PM Pizza Hut Park Stadium

Standings Pts GP W L T GF GA GD

CD Guadalajara 6 2 2 0 0 8 2 +6
Cruzeiro EC 6 2 2 0 0 7 2 +5
CZ Elite 0 2 0 2 0 1 6 -5
Hoffenheim 0 2 0 2 0 3 9 -6

Bracket C

Japan 3 Tigres 2
Tottenham 2 Dallas Texans 1

Tottenham 1 Japan 1
Tigres 4 Dallas Texans 1

Tottenham Hotspur vs Tigres 12PM Pizza Hut Park Field #7
Japan U20 vs Dallas Texans 4PM Richland College Field #10

Standings Pts GP W L T GF GA GD

Japan 4 2 1 0 1 4 3 +1
Tottenham 4 2 1 0 1 3 2 +1
Tigres 3 2 1 1 0 6 4 +2
Dallas Texans 0 2 0 2 0 2 6 -4

Bracket D

Eintracht Frankfurt 3 Vancouver 0
Mexico 1 USA 0

USA 1 Vancouver 0
Mexico 2 Eintracht 1

Vancouver Whitecaps vs Mexico 2PM Pizza Hut Park Field #7
Eintracht Frankfurt vs USA U20 630PM Pizza Hut Park Stadium

Standings Pts GP W L T GF GA GD

Mexico U20 6 2 2 0 0 3 1 +2
Eintracht 3 2 1 1 0 4 2 +2
USA U20 3 2 1 1 0 1 1 E
Vancouver 0 2 0 2 0 0 4 -4

Dallas Cup day 2 Super Group catchall

Chivas Guadalajara over CZ Elite 4-0

Tottenham 1 Japan National team 1

LD Alajuelense 1 Chelsea FC 0

USA National Team 1 Vancouver Whitecaps 0

Missed the Cruzeiro-Hoffenheim score(will try to find that out ASAP)

Mexico 2 Eintracht Frankfurt 1

CF Monterrey 2 FC Dallas Juniors 1

Will find out Tigres-Dallas Texans score

CFCNet Mixed start for Blues...however if they think this is intense heat, they aint seen nothin yet

Any articles I have missed? Please post them in the comments

Dallas Cup Day 2 Super Group schedule

12:00 PM CD Chivas vs CZ Elite Pizza Hut Park Field #7

12:00 PM Tottenham vs Japan Richland College Field #10

2:00 PM Chelsea FC vs Alajuelense Pizza Hut Park Field #7

2:00 PM Vancouver vs USA Pizza Hut Park Field #6

4:00 PM Cruzeiro EC vs Hoffenheim Pizza Hut Park Field #7

4:00 PM Eintracht vs Mexico Richland College Field #10

6:00 PM CF Monterrey vs FC Dallas Pizza Hut Park Field #6

6:00 PM Tigres vs Dallas Texans Richland College Field #10

Which games are you going out to see?



Samedi matin, le jour de l’inscription des équipes étrangères à la Dallas Cup, on remarque plusieurs équipes de différents pays dans le Crowne Plaza Hotel à Addison. En marchant dans les couloirs on entend plusieurs langues différentes et on voit certaines équipes dont les joueurs ont l’air très concentrés. Rapid Omnisport de Menton, l’équipe française, vient à la Dallas Cup souhaitant être à la hauteur de l’événement, représenter la France dans cette compétition internationale, tout en s’amusant et en faisant de ce voyage un bon souvenir.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thomas Rongen post-game quotes

A bit of the post-game reporter chat with US U20 Head Coach Thomas Rongen after the 1-0 loss to Mexico tonight

El Tri Dispatch of 10-Man US in Dallas

I can’t fault the team. Great character, hit the cross bar, we had to try to go at them a little bit with ten men and put them on their heels the last ten minutes. A typical US-Mexico game with some fireworks a little bit of flair and two teams that go after each other.

Do you feel like you learned a lot from your team?

Yeah I did which is always good and that’s the most important thing. We’re never happy that we lose but I found out a little bit about in these games you find out about character and resilience of players and willingness to sacrifice and push the threshold of pain so to speak. All the little things that are important.

Do you expect to rotate the squad tomorrow?

We’ll play nine new guys tomorrow. I want to give everyone an opportunity. As I said we don’t like to lose but right now results are secondary where we’re at in our phase of preparation. We’re trying to figure out which guys can play and which can’t and who are our best 20 players eventually to take us through qualifying.

On the red card, there are situations in soccer where the referee can issue a red card but he doesn’t have to, is that what that play comes down to?

Yeah, I think so. I mean it changes really the course of the game. I don’t even think it’s a PK, it’s probably outside of the box. There was some contact obviously with both players in an awkward position…you’ve got to use a little common sense I think. You put the yellow and give them the PK and nobody would complain.

Talk about Francisco’s performance a bit

Francisco(Navas Cobo)’s an interesting guy obviously. Now with the first team of Houston gets in a very good training environment and not necessarily a playing environment because we don’t have a reserve league but you can tell that he’s got some talent. He needs to learn when to dribble and when to combine maybe those are areas where he can still get better. I love his work rate today, he worked extremely hard. Dominic Kinnear says he’s a kid that will only get better which he will….I’m pretty satisfied with his performance.

Are you looking for leadership out Dillon Powers because he’s one of the holdovers from this cycle?

Yeah him and Gale(Agbossoumonde) who obviously didn’t get released from Braga which is good and bad you like to have him here on the other hand he’s playing well obviously. That’s the two guys who played in the previous U20 world cup, both got minutes there. Dillon was the captain today for a reason and I think that he showed today that he by example can lead. I think he’ll get a little verbal as well which is an area he excels in. What an unbelievable game under the circumstances.

Are you interested to see Gyau tomorrow with Vancouver?

Yeah that’s always good. There’s guys in this tournament, one guy at Tigres who’s a Mexican-American, Monterrey’s got one or two as well. Gyau and Renken, though Renken’s still injured but Gyau is there so it’s great exercise to see him on the other side of the ball and see if he’s a guy we need to look at.

USA vs Mexico U-20's live blog

7:08 We're turning the live blog over to Brian at he can do a much better and more efficient job than I....enjoy the match!

6:55 Rough crowd estimate would be around 5-6k but still filling in. Beautiful night....pretty windy but about 65 degrees

6:47 Teams are out lining up....



Carlos Lopez
Nestor Araujo
Luis Ramos
Marvin Pinon
Saul Villalobos
Taufic Guarch
Ibanez Cesar
Eduardo Gamez
Miguez Sansores
Abraham Coronado
Cristofer Castillo


Zac MacMath
Tyler Polak
Chad Barson
Zarek Valentin
Kofi Sarkodie
Bryan De La Fuente
Dillon Powers
Francisco Navas Cobo
Amobi Okugo
Cesar Zamora
Moises Orozco

More Dallas Cup Rosters

1. Antonio Berltran
2. Andres Alonso
3. Kevin Perez
4. Roberto Gonzalez
5. Rodolfo Garcia
6. Carlos Galvan
7. Josue Aguilar
8. Luis Torres
9. Eric Tovar
10. Daniel Guzman
11. Manuel Asprilla
12. Jose Campoy
13. Daniel Vogel
14. Juan Cavazos
15. Karhim Gattaz
16. Or Barouch
17. Martin Monroy
18. Missael Vazquez
19. Pedro Saenz
20. Daniel Villegas
21. Jesus Gamino

Vancouver Whitecaps

1. Brian Sylvestre
2. La'jere Corbin
3. Jhamie Hyde
4. Tim Hickson
5. Jack Cubbon
6. Ethan Gage
9. Joseph Gyau
10. Gagandeep Dosanjh
11. Caleb Clark
12. Alex Rowley
14. Coulton Jackson
15. Tyrin Hutchings
16. Allesandro Riggi
17. Bobby Jhutty
18. Charles Trafford
22. Richard Causton

Tottenham Hotspur

1. Oscar Jansson
2. Jack Barthram
3. Anton Blackwood
4. Calum Butcher
5. Nathan Byrne
6. Thomas Carroll
7. Samuel Cox
8. Scott Durojaiye
9. Zaine Francis Angol
10. Massimo Luongo
11. Paul Mpoku Ebunge
12. Jordan Archer
13. Jack Munns
14. Jake Nicholson
15. Kudus Oyenuga
16. Alex Pritchard
17. Callum Tapping
18. Jesse Lassen

Dallas Texans

31. Aaron Simmons
45. Aaron Reifschneider
46. Mark Daus
47. Beau Breckenridge
48. Ethan Meyer
49. Lenox Evans
50. Jake Douglas
51. Jacob Garnett
52. Brett Helm
53. Zach Barnes
54. Gino DePaoli
55. Ray DeLeon
56. Blake Wise
57. William Diebold
59. Christopher Sendejas
60. Daniel Gonzalez
62. Jared Blincow
64. Trevor Gonzales
68. Brandon Perez
70, Darin Kruzich
89. Ryan Aubrey
99. Colin Marusak

FC Dallas

1. Jaime Ibarra
2. Daniel Premenko
3. Moises Hernandez
4. Giovanni Gomez
5. Jacob Gerondale
6. Jael Barrera
7. Victor Ulloa
8. Chris Figueroa
9. Ruben Luna
10. Jose Perez
11. STephen Adams
12. Damion Rosales
13. Jonathon Top
16. Julian Torres
17. Daniel Robledo
18. Alex Frankenfeld
19. Uriel Soto
20. Bradlee Baladez
21. Michael Ambros
22. Zach Downes
23. Marlon Duran
24. Jack Coleman


1. Ruan Borges
2. Gilmerson Mota
3. Deivsisson Assis
4. Weslley Rodrigues
5. Marcos Bento
6. Hyago Silva
7. Eber Bessa
8. Fabricio Jesus
9. Alan Santos
10. Jose Silva
11. Warley Alves
12. Victor Souza
13. Murilo Oliveira
14. Gabriel Garvalho
15. Lucas Borges
16. Cristian Santos
17. Vinicius Araujo
18. Wenderson Soares

Final Super Group Rosters

USA U20's

2. Will Packwood
3. Chad Barson
4. Zarek Valentin
5. Jesus Gonzalez
6. Kofi Sarkodie
7. Francisco Navas Cobo
8. Moises Orozco
10. Jose Altamirano
11. Tyler Polak
12. Amobi Okugo
13. Ryan Finley
15. Ian Hines-Ike
16. Cesar Zamora
17. Jared Watts
18. Zac MacMath
19. Will Bates
20. Bryan DeLaFuente
21. Dillon Powers
24. Justin Luthy
25. Ruben Gonzalez

Mexico U20's

1. Carlos Lopez
2. Jorge Valencia
3. Nestor Araujo
4. Luis Ramos
5. Uriel Navarros
6. Marvin Pinon
7. Saul Villalobos
8. Luis Rodriguez
9. Taufic Guarch
10. Jorge Mora
11. Edson Rivera
12. Deigo Avila
13. Ibanez Cesar
14. David Izazola
15. Eduardo Gamez
16. Diego De Buen
17. Miguez Sansores
18. Carlos Campos
19. Abraham Coronado
20. Cristofer Castillo
21. Jesus Leal
22. Abraham Torres

Chelsea FC

1. Sam Walker
2. Mohammed Faraj Ahamed
3. Kenneth Andrew Strickland
4. Daniel Mills Pappoe
5. Todd Kane
6. Danny Stenning
7. Jacopo Sala
8. Aliu Djalo
9. Daniel Philliskirk
10. Jhon Pirez
11. Gokhan Tore
12. Milan Lalkovic
13. Niclas Heimann
14. Rohan Ince
15. Bobby Kirobi Devyne
16. Aziz Deen-Conteh
17. Billy Clifford
18. Archange Nkumu
19. Marko Mitrovic
20. George Saville
21. Ben Sampayo
22. Anton Rodgers

LD Alajuelense

1. Mauricio Vargas
2. Mario Alvarez
3. Adrian Mora
4. Andres Jimenez
5. Luis Arias
6. Wilmer Lopez
7. Alejandro Aguilar
8. Cristhian Perez
9. Oscar Valverde
10. Diego Calvo
12. Josue Cruz
13. Sebastian Viquez
14. Eduardo Oses
16. Esteban Rodriguez
18. Jonattan Montero
21. Ronald Medrano
23. Yoser Montero
24. Daniel Sterling
26. Luis Solano

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

1.Daniel Lueck
3. Christian Grassel
4. Jonas Hofmann
5. Christian Lensch
6. Marcel Gruber
7. Robin Szarka
8. Maurice Hirsch
10. Soekler Marcel
11. Bjoern Recktenwald
12. Florian Ruck
13. Jonas Kiermeier
14. Julian Scharfenberger
15. Claudio Bellanave
16. Sebastian Doro
18. Timo Helfrich
19. Umberto Tedesco
21. Daniel Beer
24. Loviso Anthony
25. Charampolos Xanthopoulos

Japan National Team

1. Keigo Omori
2. Takuto Sato
3. Masaki Tanaka
4. Takumi Abe
5. Ryo Hiraide
6. Syohei Takahashi
7. Masahiro Teraoka
8. Tatsuya Uchida
9. Ken Matsubara
10. Mitsunari Musaka
11. Taishi Taguchi
12. Koki Kiyotake
13. Daisuke Kikuchi
14. Masaru Kato
15. Shuto Kojima
16. Yuki Korigome
17. Koki Arita
18. Kenjiro Ogino
19. Ryo Nagai
20. Takashi Usami
21. Hayato Nakamura
22. Kenyu Sugimoto

Rapid de Menton U17 interview par les students de Dallas International School

Dallas Cup has asked area schools, student volunteers and expatriates to report and follow the many international teams that visits us this year. Dallas Cup is the international youth tournament and we look forward in producing multilingual content to keep us all connected. Dallas Cup would like to thank Rapid de Menton, the students of Dallas International school and the players and parents of Dallas Texans U16.


15 ans

Milieu défensif

Interviewé par Eduardo Martinez Toribio

(E) - Combien de fois par semaine vous entrainez-vous ?

(L) - On s’entraine deux jours (par semaine), deux heures chaque fois, en plus des matchs du week-end.

(E) - Comment gères-tu ton temps entre les études et les entrainements ?

(L) - Normalement les jours d'entrainement je suis d'abord avec l'équipe et après je fais mes devoirs.

(E) - Comment prépares-tu un match ?

(L) - D'abord on se réunit avec l'équipe dans les vestiaires, on rigole et on s'échauffe. C'est là que ça devient plus sérieux.

(E) - Quel est ton meilleur souvenir de foot ?

(L) - Un tournoi qu'on avait gagné il y a longtemps. On était plus petits et on jouait au foot en salle.

(E) – Est-ce que vous avez déjà participé dans des tournois internationaux ?

(L) – Non, c’est la première fois.

(E) - Quel a été le meilleur résultat de ta carrière ?

(L) - C’est cette année qu’on est à la montée.

(E) - Qu'est-ce que t'attends de cette coupe ?

(L) – Ben, m'amuser.

(E) – Envisages-tu un avenir professionnel dans le football ?

(L) - Oui, c'est comme un rêve pour moi, mais je sais que c'est très difficile.

(E) - De quelle équipe es-tu supporter ?

(L) - De Manchester United.

(E) - A ton avis qui est le meilleur joueur ?

(L) - Cristiano Ronaldo.

(E) - Quel est ton pronostique pour la Coupe du Monde ?

(L) - Je pense que c'est le Brésil qui va gagner.


Attaquant central

Interviewé par Benjamin Genta

(Ben) - A quel âge as-tu commencé le foot ?

(Bastien) - A 3 ans.

(Ben) – Veux-tu faire du foot ta carrière ?

(Bastien) - Peut-être.

(Ben) - Combien d’heures t’entraines-tu dans la semaine ?

(Bastien) – Deux fois 2 heures par semaine.

(Ben) - Et c’est tout ?

(Bastien) - Aussi un match le weekend.

(Ben) - Comment gères-tu le foot et l’école ?

(Bastien) - En fait je n’ai pas beaucoup de devoirs alors tout va bien.

(Ben) – As-tu déjà voyagé internationalement ?

(Bastien) - Oui.

(Ben) – Fais-tu des tournois en France ?

(Bastien) – Oui, il y en a plusieurs.

(Ben) – Quel est ton meilleur souvenir de foot ?

(Bastien) - Ca va être ce tournoi.

(Ben) – Est-ce la première fois que tu viens aux États-Unis ?

(Bastien) - Oui.

(Ben) - Comment te prépares-tu pour un tournoi ?

(Bastien) - Je me couche tôt et je mange un bon déjeuner.

(Ben) – Qu’attends-tu de la Dallas Cup ?

(Bastien) - Du plaisir et de l’amusement.

(Ben) – Qui est ton jouer préféré ?

(Bastien) - Cristiano Ronaldo.

(Ben) - Et ton équipe préférée ?

(Bastien) - Barcelone.

(Ben) – A ton avis, qui va gagner la Coupe du Monde cette année ?

(Bastien) - Ca va être l’Espagne je pense.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dallas Cup Super Group Preview Chelsea FC

Dallas Cup Super Group Preview Chelsea FC
By Daniel Robertson

Beaten by Sao Paulo in the 2007 Super Group final, English Premier League giants Chelsea FC bring their academy to Dallas cup for the second time in four years looking to take home their first Super Group crown. The Chelsea Academy comes to Dallas on a high as just Monday the Academy booked their trip to the FA Youth Cup Final beating Blackburn 5-0 on aggregate to make their second final in three years.

Chelsea is bringing pretty much their entire Academy team that sits tied for second in the U18 Premier League Academy Group A standings. The attack is led up front by Swedish U17 forward Marko Mitrovic. Purchased from Malmo at the age of 16 for 300,000 pounds, Mitrovic leads the team by a wide margin in league goals with 15 as well as appearances with 25 of 28 games. Paired with Mitrovic could be Slovakian U17 International Milan Lalkovic.

Looking to get service to Mitrovic and Lalkovic will be speedy left-sided winger Gokhan Tore. The German born player has featured for the Turkey U21's at just 17 years old and joined Chelsea from Bayer Leverkusen in 2009. Tore is joined in the midfield by Guinea-Bisseau born, Portugal youth international Aliu Djalo. Third on the team in league appearances with 23 starts, Djalo is an attacking midfielder with lots of skill.

The rest of the team can be found here as Chelsea does a much better job than I can describing their youth players.

Chelsea opens up group play tomorrow in a prestigious tournament game at Pizza Hut Park against hometown team FC Dallas at 3PM. They continue group play on Monday afternoon at 2PM against Costa Ricans LD Alajuelense on PHP field #7 before rounding out group play against CF Monterrey on Wednesday at 2PM on PHP field #6.

Chelsea Roster:

1. Sam Walker
2. Mohammed Faraj Ahamed
3. Kenneth Andrew Strickland
4. Daniel Mills Pappoe
5. Todd Kane
6. Danny Stenning
7. Jacopo Sala
8. Aliu Djalo
9. Daniel Philliskirk
10. Jhon Pirez
11. Gokhan Tore
12. Milan Lalkovic
13. Niclas Heimann
14. Rohan Ince
15. Bobby Kirobi Devyne
16. Aziz Deen-Conteh
17. Billy Clifford
18. Archange Nkumu
19. Marko Mitrovic
20. George Saville
21. Ben Sampayo
22. Anton Rodgers

Thanks for reading my Dallas Cup Super Group team previews. Unfortunately, I won't have time to write up a preview for Mexico as time has caught up to me and I'll be out at the fields all day tomorrow with Al bringing you as many updates, pictures and video as we can. The Mexico roster can be found here .

To get the most up to date scores and news stay with the Dallas Cup Blog as Al and I will be updating here all day tomorrow posting goals, recaps and basically as much as we can do to bring the Dallas Cup closer to those who can't make it out here. For the quickest score updates follow us on twitter at

Thanks again for reading and stay with us as we bring you Dallas Cup XXXI for the next 8 days at Pizza Hut Park!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dallas Cup Super Group Preview US Men's National Team

Dallas Cup Super Group Preview: US Men's National Team
By Daniel Robertson

Led by Head Coach Thomas Rongen and Assistant coach and former Dallas Burn Head Coach Dave Dir, the US Men's Under 20 National Team returns to the Dallas Cup Super Group after a six year absence from the tournament. Led by a team full of future professionals like Freddy Adu and Eddie Gaven, the US Youth national team's last appearance in 2003 saw them advance all the way to the championship game losing 2-1 to Tigres in an epic final.

While many of the European based players were not released from their club teams for the tournament, the U20 roster is full of players hungry and eager to impress coach Rongen as they being preparations for the 2011 Youth World Cup in Colombia. The Yanks will be looking to rebound from a disappointing appearance at the Copa Chivas in late January that saw them go 0-3-2 in matches against youth teams of Pachuca, Tigres, Brazil, Atlast and Saprissa.

The roster features a mix of six players at professional club teams, ten players at D1 college programs and four players on youth clubs. The team's strength lies in the center of the midfield with Amobi Okugo, Will Packwood, Cesar Zamora , and hometown product Dillon Powers . Okugo, who made his professional debut with Philadelphia Union just last night, will be available just for the Mexico game, but looks to boss the midfield with his strong play. Zamora, a Chivas USA Academy product who was promoted to the first team in May 2009, is a strong and imposing defensive midfielder with good range and silky passing.

Those midfielders will be looking to get the ball to two speedy wingers in Ruben Gonzalez and Francisco Navas Cobo. Navas Cobo, recently signed to the Houston Dynamo, and Gonzalez, a Chivas USA Academy product, are wide attacking players with lots of skill and ability to take their defenders one on one as well as put in dangerous crosses.

At the top of the attack will be a player that US Soccer fans are fairly familiar with in Virginia forward Will Bates and one that fans will get their first look at in Tigres forward Moises Orozco as well as Duke forward Ryan Finley.

The USA defense features three Akron products in Kofi Sarkodie, Zarek Valentin and Chad Barson as well as Wake Forest defender Jared Watts and three club team players in Jesus Gonzalez from fellow Dallas Cup participants CZ Elite, Tyler Polak from CSA Legacy and Ian Hines-Ike from the Chivas USA Academy.

The Yanks open up with the showpiece game of the group stage with their 6PM Pizza Hut Park showdown against archrival Mexico. They continue group play in a very intriguing matchup against Vancouver Whitecaps at 2PM on Monday at PHP field #6 before finishing group play in another Pizza Hut Park stadium game against Germans Eintracht Frankfurt at 6PM on Wednesday.

Stay tuned to the Dallas Cup for the final two team previews of Chelsea and Mexico as we have just 2 days until the start of Dallas Cup XXXI with our Pizza Hut Park stadium tripleheader featuring Tottenham vs Dallas Texans at noon, FC Dallas vs Chelsea at 2PM, our opening ceremonies at 4PM and USA taking on Mexico at 6PM.

U.S. U-20 MNT Roster By Position:

Goalkeepers: Justin Luthy(Boston College), Zac MacMath(Maryland)

Defenders: Chad Barson(Akron), Jesus Gonzalez(CZ Elite), Ian Hines-Ike(Chivas USA Academy), Tyler Polak(CSA Legacy), Kofi Sarkodie(Akron), Zarek Valentin(Akron), Jared Watts(Wake Forest)

Midfielders: Jose Altamirano(San Diego State), Bryan De La Fuente(Chivas USA Academy), Ruben Gonzalez(Chivas USA Academy), Amobi Okugo(Philadelphia Union), Will Packwood(Birmingham City), Dillon Powers(Notre Dame), Cesar Zamora(Chivas USA)

Forwards: Will Bates(Virginia), Ryan Finley(Duke), Francisco Navas Cobo(Houston Dynamo), Moises Orozco(Tigres)

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