Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday night live blog part 2

10:32 What an unreal finish to the final group game of Dallas Cup. The semfinal places were not confirmed until the last 30 seconds of the tournament. It will be Mexico vs Monterrey and Cruzeiro vs Tottenham on Friday night, don't miss it.

10:25 UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Gabriel Carvalho of Cruzeiro latches onto a cross that was cleared to the top of the box and overhead volleys the winning goal for the Brazilians!!! No more than 30 seconds before the end, Cruzeiro books their place in the final 4

10:20 5 minutes of injury time...Chivas is holding on.

10:18 Oooh! #11 Warley Alves for Cruzeiro steals the ball, and steps into a curling shot from 25 yards out that is magnificently parried away by the Chivas keeper....Corner to Cruzeiro right at 90 minute mark

10:13 Game is really heating up! Cruzeiro has a chance off a long clearance from the keeper that gets carried in the wind all the way to the Chivas box. It fell to the Cruzeiro forward who could only manage a tame shot 87th minute

10:08 Best chance of the second half for Cruzeiro a cross whipped in with a free header from 10 yards out sent right at the keeper.

10:07 Cruzeiro starting to push forward looking for the goal to put them in the semifinals...getting close.

9:52 Apologies for the gap inbetween posts...Back and forth action, with Chivas holding the advantage.

9:35 30 seconds into the second half and Chivas has a glorious scoring opportunity...shot goes right at the keeper who holds on.

9:18 Halftime here at Pizza Hut Park....should be a huge second half. Cruzeiro needs a goal to go through.

9:13 The games is a battle in the midfield....not much going on in either attacking third. 42nd minute

9:01 Cruzeiro puts a shot into the side netting after some nifty, Brazilian samba moves

8:54 Cruzeiro pushing forward nearly scores again from a header at the backpost off a free kick...wish I could get names, but these numbers are really tough to see

8:52 Just a minute later Cruzeiro strikes back! A cruzeiro player sent a beautiful header towards goal saved well but the rebound was punched home...we're knotted at 1!

8:50 Goal Chivas! Free kick struck beautifully bent to the top left corner by Eder Hernandez. Goalie had no chance

8:43 Very even first ten minutes with neither side gaining much of an advantage...Cruzeiro has already been forced to make a substitution.

8:37 Legion Texas is here supporting Chivas

8:34 Chivas' black numbers on the red and white jerseys are almost unintelligible


Lopez, Cristhian
Martinez, Juan Carlos
Gutierrez, Gabriel
Torres, Oscar
Navarro, Daniel
Hernandez, Eder
Orozco, Juan Pablo
Mendoza, Daniel
Rodriguez, Antonio
Esparza, Carlos
Mojarro, Edwin
Vazquez, Cesar

Borgez, Ruan
Mota, Gilmerson
Rodrigues, Weslley
Bento, Marcos
Silva, Hyago
Bessa, Eber
Jesus, Fabricio
Santos, Alan
Silva, Jose
Oliveira, Murilo
Soares, Wenderson

Cruzeiro and Chivas are out on the field for their showdown. Chivas is through to the semis with a draw or a win and Cruzeiro must win to move on to the semifinals....stay here for a description of all the action

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