Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dallas Cup XXXI Online - Copa Dallas

Slowly but surely, we are incorporating new media into the Dallas Cup experience. In the coming weeks, all four of our main new media tools will be in full swing with the possibly of some late additions. Here’s a guide to your Dallas Cup online coverage:

The Dallas Cup Blog will be providing original content. A change from last years

Dallas Cup Facebook Fan Page! Our Fan Page will be a warehouse of links about the Dallas Cup from anywhere on the world wide web. We encourage fan input pictures, video and thoughts. Be a Fan!

Dallas Cup twitter is synchronized with the Dallas Cup Facebook Fanpage. Easy access to topical and current Dallas Cup stories. Dallas Cup twitter will also be doing some play by play and real time updates. We encourage Dallas Cup fans to add #DC10 hashtag to their tweets and share their own Dallas Cup experience.

Subscribe to the Dallas Cup Youtube Channel. We will be providing sight and sounds all through the tournaments

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