Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chasing the Dream - Danny Villegas

Danny Villegas has had an eventful year. A former Miami FC U18 Academy player, Danny embarked on to his professional career shortly after last year's Dallas Cup. Now, Danny will be a trialist with Tigres Sub-20 squad in this year's Super Group.

by Victor Delarosa

Q-When and where did you start playing soccer? Who was your biggest influence?

I started playing at the age of four, and my biggest influence was my mom always pushing me, and my dads work ethic, till this day he works like 12 hour shifts.

Q-How do you like the city of Monterrey and how long do you plan to stay there?

So far it's been nice it's a big city, and the guys have been great with me. I would like to establish myself here.

Q-How was your previous trip to the Dallas Cup?

My previous trip was amazing. I was blessed enough to be offered two professional contracts. So I was just thankful that God put me in that situation, and let me shine the way I did. Although we lost in the semis, it was a great tournament.

Q-If Tigres and Traffic don’t make an agreement where do you plan to go next?

Well, I really hope they come to terms on both sides as I like it here. But if not I have faith in God that He will take me wherever is best for me, whether that be here in Mexico, or somewhere else.

Q-I heard you spent some time in Brazil can you share with me your experience?

Brazil. Well I mean if you check out my blog I wrote a lot in detail about my time there. But overall it's really a great foundation for any player. You train 3x a day, and you have a motivational speaker once a week, certain player have their own diets, and work out plans. I mean I don't think I've heard of a better facility where they take care of they're players the way they did.

Q-Anything else you want to share that be great Thanks and God Bless you brother!-Victor

And well I just want to give thanks to God honestly; I feel that without Him I am not able to do anything that I do. I always tell people when they tell me good game, thanks but that wasn't me playing that was God playing through me. Also there's something my mom has always told me that I will never forget. "Las Cosas con mas sacrificio dan las mas grandes recompensas." In English that means, " The things that have the biggest sacrifice have the biggest payoffs."

Thanks again for interviewing me Victor. Hopefully you'll see us Tigres in the final this year. Take care and & God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

Damn son moving up in the world. ima see you in fifa soon. stay up danny, and once you up stay there. Bryant from the hood.

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