Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chasing the Dream - Moises Orozco

Nothing like impressing the US U20 National team coaches by beating them. A free kick in the 72 minute at the 2010 Copa Chivas tournament sunk the US U20's. Moises, guesting for the Tigres UANL, started a whirlwind couple of months. Now, Moises in his first national team call-up will represent the US U20's in this year's Dallas Cup.

Q - Moises, can you tell us a little of your background? Where you played soccer in your earlier years and who would you say are your biggest influences in your development as a player?

I have been playing soccer since I was 5 and it all started with a local team called Oxnard stars and from there I started playing club with Oxnard Waves after I left to rampage and then to Real So Cal. The biggest influences were my dad cuz he was my coach for almost every team that I played in and also Luis Pardo and Rigo Pardo.

Q - How many Orozco’s are soccer players? Whose better you or Emilio?

Three family members are Orozco soccer players. That’s a difficult question because Emilio is my cousin and he plays a different position than me. We both played in the same team since we were little and the only difference was that he left when he was 15 to the U-17 US National team residency. But when he came back we played again together with Real SoCal and

Q - How long has Tigres been tracking you and was it a tough decision to join the club?

I don’t know how long they've been tracking me but in January I went to a tryout with them and I was invited to Copa Chivas to play with them. It was tough leaving the family behind but I wasn't going to be there for long because I had to go back home to finish high school. Also join them to play the league with them and after the league I have to make a decision to sign a contract and join he club permanently.

Q - Congratulation on your call-up to the U20 US National Team. How did you find out the good news?

I was really happy when Dennis told me the news because I was never called up to a national team.

Q - Have you played in the Dallas Cup before? If so, what was your experience like?

I have played Dallas Cup and I think it was one of the hardest tournament that I’d played in and it was a good experience for me because, playing in a stadium is somebody who needs to experience and to feel the pressure and the intense to see how it feels to play vs. a good team and in a stadium.

The Orozco Cousins from The Final Third on Vimeo.

Video by The Final Third

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