Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Virginia Club Champions League Boys Select

2012 Dallas Cup XXXIII

Team in Alpha Order: Burke Bender, Marcel Berry, Howard Charles-Rivera, Daniel Damiani, Christopher Fleischer, Jalen Johnson, James Kasak, Evan Kramer, James Lodge, Zachary McMurrer, Lucas Mendes, Julian Ngoh, Anthony Rogers, Trey Vinson, Jonathan Whyte, Daniel Zeitoun

Coaches: Trip Ellis and Joe O’Carroll

Manager: Dave Amsler

About the VCCL League Select Program

VCCL was founded in 1997 by five Directors of Coaching to provide a club-based league with an environment that encouraged development of players from within each member club.
To further enhance the development of players, the VCCL Board of Directors named the first Champions League Select U14 boys team that fall. An application was submitted to the Dallas Cup, and based on the reputation of its directors, the team was accepted to represent VCCL in the 1998 Dallas Cup....more

VCCL Concept

The Virginia Club Champions League was founded in January 1997 as one of a small number of soccer leagues based on the philosophy that the player is a member of the club as well as a member of the team and that successful clubs develop players and teams from within rather than through recruitment.

Play began in the fall of 1997 for boys teams U-11 through U-18/19. In June 2000 girls teams were added with play beginning in the fall 2000 season. VCCL adopted eight-a-side play for U-11 teams beginning fall 2005 and eight-a-side play for U-12 teams beginning fall 2007.

The five founding clubs were Beach FC, FC Richmond, Richmond Strikers, Roanoke Star and Williamsburg Soccer Club (now Virginia Legacy). Member clubs increased to eight with SOCA (fall ’02), Richmond Kickers (fall ’04), and Virginia Rush (fall ’05)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gedion Zelalem at the Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXII

Olney Rangers U-15s star Gedion Zelalem signs contract with London giants Arsenal FC

By Charles Boehm of Potomacsoccerwire.com

Bethesda, Md. resident and Olney Rangers standout Gedion Zelalem has signed a professional contract with English Premier League heavyweights Arsenal FC, according to multiple reports over the past week....

"...Danny saw [Zelalem] a few times up in the D.C. area, and then he went down to Richmond and guested with a team down there when Steve Morrow was in town [for the Jefferson Cup in March],” explained Pilkington, an Englishman who starred at George Washington University during his college career. “And then we went to Dallas Cup and he watched three or four of his games, so they’ve seen him a bunch." Danny Karbassiyoon.... more

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's not too late to register for Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIII

The Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIII is off to a great start with the numerous international teams already contacting the Dallas Cup office requesting an invitation to participate in the 2012 tournament. As of November 20th, some of the international teams that have already been in contact with the Dallas Cup office are from England, Canada; Mexico, Bolivia; Colombia, Germany; South Africa, Nigeria; Ireland, Brazil; Argentina United Arab Emirates. With the application deadline for international teams less than two months away at December 28th, we are delighted with the interests of the international teams. We are on the way in providing an opportunity for the U.S. teams that are selected with great international competition. The application deadline for USA teams is November 30th .

Monday, November 21, 2011

2-Way Street

In the 33 years of the Dallas Cup, some of brightest soccer stars in the world were discovered here. But, the Dallas Cup also provides opportunities for our visiting international players to be seen and scouted by U.S. colleges. There are 8608 potential full men's scholarships available from U.S. Colleges. One example of these opportunities is the #2 ranked NAIA Lindsey Wilson College. Lindsey Wilson College Men’s Soccer program is composed of players from Japan, Sweden, South Africa and Australia to name a few. Dallas Cup is a two-way street of opportunity.


15 Years of Tigres UANL with the Dallas Cup

Dallas Cup could not be what it is today without some of the great clubs from Mexico. One of those clubs is Tigres UANL from Monterrey, Mexico. In the past 15 years, the storied football club has brought 42 youth teams winning 9 championships.

Tigres, Mexico U16
Tigres, Mexico U14

Tigres, Mexico U17
Tigres, Mexico U16
Tigres, Mexico U14

Tigres, Mexico U16

Tigres, Mexico U19 Champion
Tigres, Mexico U17
Tigres, Mexico U14 Champion

Tigres, Mexico Super Group
Tigres, Mexico U16 Champion
Tigres, Mexico U14

Tigres, Mexico U16
Tigres, Mexico U14

Tigres, Mexico Super Group Champion
Tigres, Mexico U16
Tigres, Mexico U14

Tigres, Mexico Super Group
Tigres, Mexico U17 Champion

Tigres, Mexico Super Group
Tigres, Mexico U16

Tigres, Mexico Super Group
Tigres, Mexico U17
Tigres, Mexico U15

Tigres, Mexico Super Group
Tigres, Mexico U16 Champion
Tigres, Mexico U14

Tigres, Mexico Super Group
Tigres, Mexico U17 Champion
Tigres, Mexico U15
Tigres, Mexico U13

Tigres, Mexico Super Group
Tigres, Mexico U17
Tigres, Mexico U15
Tigres, Mexico U13

Tigres, Mexico Super Group
Tigres, Mexico U17
Tigres, Mexico U15
Tigres, Mexico U13

Tigres, Mexico Super Group Champions
Tigres, Mexico U17 Champions
Tigres, Mexico U15

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dallas Teams Qualified

Congratulations to the Dallas teams qualified for the 2012 Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIII

Dallas Metro Area teams and will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the Dallas Cup are those teams from the Host Club Dallas Texans, teams that compete in the Classic League Division One, teams that are members of the USSF Development Academy and teams that are members of the US Club Soccer Pre-Academy. Once invitations are determined for the Host Club teams in each of the Dallas Cup age groups, the USSF Academy teams in the U19 and U17 Dallas Cup age groups and the USCS Pre-Academy teams in the U16, U15 and U14 Dallas Cup age groups each group will be completed per the table below with the next highest finishing Classic League Division One team(s) .

Dallas Cup Age Group

Total Invitations

Under 19


Under 17


Under 16


Under 15


Under 14


Under 13




We're Back!

Dallas Cup XXXIII is back online!

We'll be posting news and notes all week

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dallas Cup Media Thank You

The Dallas Cup is driven by our wonderful volunteers. I would like to thank our media volunteers who helps bring the Dallas Cup to the world. The Dallas Cup is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual event and if you are interested in becoming a correspondent for us, drop us an e-mail.

Special Thank You to our 2011 Dallas Cup Correspondents:

Tammy Swetnam
Pablo Serna
Marcio Machin Barbosa
Cameron MacKay
José Peterson
Patty Sánchez-Guajardo
Nicola Miller
Daniel Robertson
Denise Isla

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Under 17 – Brasilis FC Interview with Antonio Luczensky, Diretor de Futebol do Brasilis FC

Brasilis FC Interview with Antonio Luczensky, Diretor de Futebol do Brasilis FC.

by Tammy Swetnam

Qual a sua opiniao sobre o futebol Americano de hoje? (What is your opinion of US soccer today)?

Acho que o futebol Americano vem se estruturando dia a dia, hoje o futebol nos EUA tem boa estrutura, muita organizacao e esta tendo cada vez mais adeptos, acredito que ainda faltam patrocinadores interessados em fortalecer as equipes Americanas a ponto de torna-las conhecidas internacionalmente, pois o futebol so se fortalece a partir de muito investimento e muita divulgacao.. I think that American soccer is structuring itself each day, today futebol in the US has very good structure, organization and is becoming increasingly popular, I believe that it still lacks sponsors interested in strengthening the American teams to make them known internationally because futebol can only be strengthened with a lot of investment and lot of media coverage ...

Como voce compara o estilo Americano, com o estilo do Brasil? (How do you compare the differences in style between US and Brazilian futebol)?

O futebol que joga-se no Brasil e um futebol mais tecnico e mais individual, enquanto o Futebol dos EUA e um futebol mais forca fisica e tatico. The futebol played in Brazil is more technical and individual (creativity), while the US soccer is more physical and tactical.

O que voce esperava dessa viagem ao Dallas Cup? Tanto pro time, como pessoalmente? (What wereyour goals for your trip to the Dallas Cup? For the team, as well as for you personally)

Essa viagem foi maravilhosa, a experiencia que nossos atletas tiveram no Dallas Cup foi muito interessante a todos, pois a maioria de nossos atletas estao na faixa dos 16 anos, e uma experiencia desse nivel so vai ajuda-los, tanto na carreira de jogador como na vida pessoal, para mim tambem foi uma bela experiencia, pois as outras vezes que estive nos EUA foram para visitar meu filho que estudava aqui ou foi a peasseio, mas como responsavel por uma delegacao de futebol, foi a primeira vez. This trip was wonderful, the experience that our athletes had in the Dallas Cup was very interesting to everyone, because the majority of our athletes are 16 years old, and this experience at such a high level will only help them, as much in their career as in their personal life, for me it was a great experience as well, because the other times that I've been in the US were to visit my son who was studying here or was tourism, but as one responsible for an entire soccer delegation, it was the first time.

Brasilis FC tem programas de intercambio? Pensam em convidar clubes daqui de Dallas para virem a Sao Paulo? (Does Brasilis have training exchange programs? Will you be inviting clubs from Dallas to visit Brasilis FC?)

O Brasilis ja recebe regularmente atletas de toda parte do mundo em seu Centro de Treinamentos em Aguas de Lindoia, www.brasilisfc.com.br , nesse momento temos alojados em nosso CT atletas do Japao, Russia, India, EUA, Coreia do Sul etc... The Brasilis already receives regularly athletes from around the world in its Training Centre in Aguas de Lindóia, www.brasilisfc.com.br, at this moment we are housing in our CT athletes from Japan, Russia, India, USA, South Korea etc.

O treino no Brasil, como que se compara com o treino que se recebe nos outros clubes da mesma faixa etaria?

O Brasilis e um clube profissional considerado no Brasil um dos maiores reveladores de atletas de categorias de Base, o Trabalho com esses jovens são diarios e em dois periodos, pois como clube revelador realiza um trabalho em alto nivel, tem em seu complexo 5 (Cinco) Campos oficiais padrao Internacional, uma moderna academia de Ginastica e Alojamento para mais de 140 atletas. Brasilisis a Professional Club in Brazil considered one of the biggest producer of athletes from Base(Academy) categories, working with these young people are daily and in two separate training periods, since as a producer of athletes, the work is at a high level, has in its complex 5 (Five) official International standard Fields, a modern Academy of Gymnastics and accommodation for more than 140 athletes.

Quantos dias, quantas horas de treino na semana? (How many days and hours?)

Trabalhamos diariamente em dois periodos, com dois periodos de folga na semana, normalmente as folgas sao as 4as e 6as no periodo da tarde e jogamos no Sabado pela manha. We work daily in two periods, with two rest periods during the week, usually the on Wednesdays and Friday afternoons and we play on Saturday mornings.

Quantos jogos tem numa temporada no clube Brasilis FC? Profissional e Base? (How many games are in a season?)

Cada categoria realiza em torno de 50 jogos anuais. Each age group competes in about 50 games a year.

Dentro dessa equipe aqui em Dallas, ha algum jogador que esta se destacando no profisional do Brasil ou outro pais? (From this team, is there a player tha is already starting for the professional line-up?)

Alguns dos atletas que aqui vieram ja tem propostas de outros clubes no Brasil, inclusive a partir do Dallas Cup dois dos nossos atletas receberam convites, um para jogar no Pachuca do Mexico e outro para jogar no Vitoria da Bahia no Brasil. Some of the athletes already have offers from other clubs in Brazil, as a matter of fact, since Dallas Cup, two of our athletes received invitations, one to play at Pachuca of Mexico and another to play for Vitoria de Bahia in Brazil.

Quem foi a maior competicao deste torneio para Brasilis? (Who was the toughest competition of the tournament for Brasilis?)

O adversario mais dificil, foi o Santa Clara da California, pois trata-se de um bom time que já esta acostumado a disputar o Dallas Cup. Our toughest adversary was Santa Clara, California, because it is a good team already accustomed to playing the Dallas Cup.

Porque decidiram vir para o Dallas Cup pela primeira vez? (Why did Brasilis decide to come to the Dallas Cup for the first time?)

Fomos convidados e por sermos um clube que gosta de desafios, resolvemos aceitar o convite, esperamos ser convidados outras vezes e com certeza traremos uma equipe muito mais competitiva. We were invited and we are a club who likes challenges, we decided to accept the invitation, we hope to be invited more times, and certainly will bring a more competitive team.

Pretendem voltar?(Do you intend to come back?)

Com certeza, gostariamos de voltar. Absolutely, we would like to come back.

Qualquer comentario que gostaria de fazer para destacar o Brasilis FC para os leitores do Dallas Cup no facebook, e no site? Any comments to highlight Brasilis FC for Dallas Cup?

O Dallas Cup nos possibilitou conhecer a organizacao desse belo evento, e estamos orgulhosos e queremos retornar para quem sabe poder chegar mais longe na competicao. The Dallas Cup enabled us to understand the structure of this beautiful event, we are proud and we want to return to be able to go farther in the competition.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXII Sunday Preview

Championship Sunday is a day of old friends for the Dallas Cup.
If there is a theme for this year's tournament, it's some of our long time Dallas Cup friends have reach the finals.

U16 Championship - 12pm
Estudiantes Tecos Vs CD Chivas Guadalajara

  • Who will be the next "Chicharito" Hernandez or "Cubo" Torres. CD Chivas lost in a heartbreaking U15 final last year against Eintracht Frankfurt.
  • Estudiantes Tecos has had no problem scoring in this tournament but they have to stop one of the highest scoring teams in this year's U16 bracket, CD Chivas.

U17 Championship - 2pm
Santa Clara Sporting vs Tigres

  • Santa Clara Sporting have been coming to the Dallas Cup for years. You'll always see attractive team football. They will be the lone U.S. representative in today's Championship Sunday quadruple-header.
  • Tigres Sub-17 like their SUb-20 have been the class of their bracket. Spotted at their U17 semi-final game was U.S. U20 coach Thomas Rongen.

U19 Championship - 4pm
Ajax Gunners vs Knowsley Youth

  • Knowsley Youth is a team sponsored by the Knowsley City Council in Liverpool. They are also a long time attendee of the Dallas Cup. They have brought one of the best teams in years with a high scoring offense and scrappy English play.
  • The benefit of playing together for years is team work. Ajax Gunners looks to be in top form peaking at the right time.

U19 Super Group Championship- 6pm
Eintracht Frankfurt vs Tigres

  • When you see names like Arsenal, Barcelona and Corinthians, you don't think of Eintracht and Tigres in the same vein. But, that is why we play the game. In group play,it was apparent early Eintracht and Tigres were every bit as good and better than the big names. Eintracht have been solid and will have to go against one of the best team in this tournament with strong home crowd behind them.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXII Saturday Preview

U13 Championship
Houstonians FC Red vs Nomads Academy 12PM at Pizza Hut Park

  • Houstonians FC Red is the little club that could. Took down some of the bigger name programs in this tournament
  • Nomads Academy is 1 of 2 SoCal clubs in today's final. This storied SoCal clubs have produced many of U.S. National team players as well as MLS players

U14 Championship
FC Dallas Premier vs Fullerton Rangers 2PM at Pizza Hut Park

  • Coach by FC Dallas Frank Molina this team is on path to join the Texas region Pre-Academy league. Ranked #4 nationally and #1 regionally. This is a designated team by FC Dallas built to identify future professionals
  • Fullerton Rangers, #2 Nationally and #2 Regionally. #1 Team South Bay Gunners fell in group stage play. Ami Pineda, Billy Adballah, and Dylan Smith have all been called in to the U.S. U14 Boys National Team.

U15 Championship
Solar SC vs FC Dallas Premier 4PM at Pizza Hut Park

  • There will be a North Texas Champion at the Dallas Cup. Solar SC 96 is a nationally ranked team coached by Kevin Smith. Zack Stavrou is the son of former Sidekick Nick Stavrou
  • FC Dallas Premier is a recent crowned 2011 US Youth National League U15 champion. #4 ranked nationally by Topdrawersoccer. This a derby match

U16 Semifinals
MTH PAC Tigres vs Estudiantes Tecos
CD Chivas Guadalajara vs PTSC Timber Wolves

  • Mt. Hamilton MTH PAC Tigres U15 Boys Team is Northern California Club. CYSA State Champions and US Youth Soccer Region IV Far West Regional Champions. They will be going up against a very strong Tecos team from Mexico
  • CD Chivas Guadalajara will be taken on little known PTSC Timber Wolves from Winnipeg, Canada. PTSC Timber Wolves took down MLS Academy Team Real Saltlake-AZ in a 4-3 thriller

U17 Semifinals
Brasilis FC vs Santa Clara Sporting
LD Alajuelense vs Tigres

  • There is still a Brazilian team on track for the finals. They will meet up the lone U.S. base team left in the U17 bracket SC Sporting.
  • LDA vs Tigres could be the match of the day. Tigres will face the strongest team to date. This game could easily have been the final.
U19 Semifinals
Ajax Gunners vs Solar Chelsea
Knowsley Youth vs CZ Elite

  • The last hurrah for the Ajax Gunners as this will be the ;ast trip for this team to the Dallas Cup. They will match-up with the last U.S. Soccer Development Academy team in this tournament
  • Barn Burner. Both Knowsley and CZ Elite have put up a ton of goals in their last few games which means, this game will end up to be 1-0.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXII Super Group Semifinals Live Chat

More Dallas Cup Pictures

All photos by Pablo Serna/Anres Photography

Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXII Friday Preview


U16 Quarterfinals
MTH PAC Tigres vs FCB Escola Monterrey
CD Chivas Guadalajara vs Cosmos Academy West
PTSC Timber Wolves vs Real Salt Lake AZ
Estudiantes Tecos vs Houston Dynamo

  • CD Chivas is the Sub-15 Campeon of Mexico vs the Dallas Cup XXXI U15 Champions
  • U.S. Soccer Development Academies are carrying the torch in this division. This is one of the reason the Dallas Cup is big part of U.S. development. Testing yourself against foreign teams

U17 Quarterfinals
Brasilis FC vs CFI Guadalajara
Tigres vs Prepa Tec FB
Solar Chelsea U16 vs LD Alajuelense
West Side Metro Premier vs Santa Clara Sporting

  • U17 age group has been the class of this year's tournament. It is coming down to an exciting finishes as all the suspected top teams are on a collision coarse.
  • Tigres Sub-17 has been impressing everyone here this week. Uvaldo Luna of Tigres was called into the U18 U.S. National Team camp last year
  • Solar Chelsea is not just one of the top team in North Texas but in the USSDA

U19 Quarterfinals
Ajax Gunners vs Davis Legacy
Knowsley Youth vs Santos FC(USA)
CZ Elite vs Dallas Texans Red
Lewisham College vs Solar Chelsea

  • Most of the Toronto based Ajax Gunners have been playing together since they were 13. 2 players are heading to Purdue, 1 is off to Florida another player is off to University of Arkansas. At least 6 player have D1 scholarships .
  • Knowsley Youth had one of the comebacks of the tournament. Had to beat Davis Legacy by a 3 goal margin in the last game of the group play to arrive here in the knockout stage.
  • This time last year Jesus Gonzales was the U.S. U20 Squad here in the Dallas Cup. Pablo Cruz was with LAFC U18 Development Academy team. This dynamic duo is driving this solid CZ Elite deep into the tournament.

U19 Super Group Semifinals
Arsenal FC vs Eintracht Frankfurt
FC Dallas vs Tigres

  • Will Arsenal finally get a test? Frankfurt has been one of the top teams in group stage. After a controversial game against Coritiba, Eintracht is anchored by 2 German U18 National Team players, #4 Julian Dudda #8 Eric Wille
  • There are no Cinderella's in the final 4. All teams have been quality. Although this match-up is between a U.S. team vs Mexican team, both teams are stocked with U.S. youth national team members. Moises Orozco and his cousin Emilio along with the #10 Victor Garza are the anchors of this Tigres Sub-20 team.

U13 Semifinals
Houstonians FC Red vs Seleccion RCL Soccer

Nomads Academy vs Solar SC

  • Seleccion RCL won their Quarter's with an OT goal
  • Solar SC is still living up to their national ranking

U14 Semifinals
Oklahoma FC vs FC Dallas Premier

Andromeda SC White vs Fullerton Rangers

  • Fullerton Rangers also won their game against Lonestar SC with an OT goal 3-2
  • FC Dallas Premier is still playing at a high level

U15 Semifinals
Eintracht Frankfurt vs Solar SC
FC Golden State vs FC Dallas Premier

  • Chicago Fire DA jumped out early but it looks like the grind of the tournament caught up to them. Eintracht pulled away in the 2nd half
  • FC Dallas Premier is the US Youth Soccer national champions.

Dallas Cup XXXII Sights and Sounds: Tigres Defeats Corinthians

Emilio Orozco post game

Tigres celebrate

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Corinthians luta mas nao passa pela forte marcacao do Tigres

photo by Pablo Serna
by Marcio Machin Barbosa

O Corinthians entrou a campo na noite de 20 de Abril no bonito estadio Pizza Hut em Frisco precisando da vitoria para avancar as semifinais.

Entretanto parou na forte retranca do time mexicano que so precisava empatar para avancar.

E as coisas ficaram mais dificeis para o Corinthians logo aos 14 min quando o Tigres se aproveitou de um escanteio e da falha da defesa da zaga Corinthiana para abrir o placar.

O Corinthians entao avancou mais o time e passou a colocar pressao no adversario.

Mas faltava o ultimo passe para criar situacoes reais de perigo no primeiro tempo, que so aconteceu uma vez ja no fim do primeiro tempo com um chute de longe de Paulinho que raspou a trave.

Para o segundo tempo o tecnico do Corinthians Jose Augusto avancou a sua marcacao, aumentou a troca de posicoes no ataque e colocou pressao desde o primeiro momento.

As chances de gol foram se criando de forma mais contundente e tudo parecia melhor para o Corinthians quando um dos zagueiros do Tigres recebeu o segundo amarelo aos 22min do segundo tempo por mais uma falta dura e assim foi expulso de campo.

Jogando contra 10 defensores o Corinthians partiu para cima de vez, fez varias alteracoes, criou inumeras oportunidades mas havia sempre um pe ou uma mao salvadora do Tigres para evitar o gol Corinthiano e a virada do jogo.

Com isso o Corinthians se despediu da Dallas Cup.

Apos o jogo, Jose Augusto, o tecnico do Corinthians disse: O resultado foi muito injusto. Dominamos a partida o tempo todo, tivemos excelente volume de jogo e posse de bola contra um time que somente se defendeu e achou um gol de bola parada. Avancamos ainda mais o time e a marcacao no segundo tempo, fizemos a bola girar, mas falhamos sempre na finalizacao. Agora teremos algums amistosos para jogar, disputaremos o campeonato paulista no Brazil e em junho iremos disputar a copa na Espanha. Foi uma boa participacao aqui em Dallas, os meninos ganharam experiencia internacional, pois ainda nao haviam jogado em torneios internacionais dessa qualidade e grande parte do time e de 1993, ou seja, tem apenas 17 ou 18 anos.

Igor, o destaque do time do Corinthians com 3 gols na competicao disse: Foi um jogo muito duro. A marcacao e a retranca que o Tigres impos foi muito forte. Criamos varias oportunidades onde a bola simplesmente nao quis entrar. Foi um jogo de ataque contra defesa por 90 minutos. Tivemos um lance claro de gol com um carrinho por tras no Paulinho dentro da area quando ele ia empatar o jogo e o juiz mandou seguir. Realmente nao era essa participacao que estavamos buscando, e depois de termos tomado mais um gol de bola parada, a catimba do time do Tigres, que se fechou ainda mais na defesa atrapalhou o nosso desempenho. Mas somos um time muito jovem e eles tinham jogadores de ate 20 anos. Isso faz muita diferenca..

Knockout Stage. U13-U15 Thursday Quarterfinal Preview 4/21

After 4 long days of grinding away, we arrive at the next stage of the Dallas Cup. Some news and notes for today's games all at 4:00pm CST at Pizza Hut Park

U13 Quarterfinal
Houstonians FC Red vs Solar SC Red
Nomads Academy vs Beach FC
Cosmos Academy West vs Solar SC
Selección RCL Soccer vs Sparta Premier

  • Both Solar teams made it through group stage with Solar SC Red getting the Wild card Slot
  • Two powerhouse SoCal clubs is no stranger to the Dallas Cup. Cosmos Academy has been dominating the lower age groups the last 2 years. 2002 Nomad Academy u13 boasted alumni of Eric Avila, Gabriel and Michael Farfan
  • Selección RCL Soccer, the comeback game of the bracket. Score 2 goals in the last 5 minute against the #1 ranked South Bay Gunners to snatch knockout stage slot. Selección RCL is an all-star team from Monterrey, Mexico

U14 Quarterfinal
Oklahoma FC vs Texas Rush Nike
Fullerton Rangers vs Lonestars Pre-USSF Academy
Andromeda SC White vs Solar SC Red
Dallas Texans Red vs FC Dallas Premier

  • All Southern quarter's with Fullerton Rangers the lone west coast representative. The Rangers is ranked #2 in the nation per Topdrawersoccer and has 3 players in the u14 U.S. boys national team.
  • Player of interest: FC Dallas has been very active in evaluating and recruiting talent in the North Texas area. One of the sought after player is a 98' playing on this 97 FC Dallas Premier team playing in the U14(96) division. Checkout # 14

U15 Quarterfinal
Eintracht Frankfurt vs Chicago Fire Juniors DA
FC Golden State vs India U15 National Team
West Pines United FC Premier Black vs FC Dallas Premier
Milan FC vs Solar SC

  • Eintracht Frankfurt's continue excellence. Our German friend keeps braining quality teams year after year.
  • FC Dallas Premier and Solar SC are both highly ranked nationally
  • Sporting SC left the door open on Wednesday and the India U15 National Team promptly step through it with 1-0 victory taking the Bracket G title. The India U15 National Team plays an attractive 1-2 combo and discipline game

Sub-19 do Coritiba empata e deixa Dallas Cup invicto!

by Jorge Junior Translated by Tammy Swetnam

Coritiba’s under-19 said goodbye today to Dallas Cup in the US, but showed all their talent and warrior spirit, leaving undefeated. Of the three games played in the qualifying round, the ‘Coxa-Verde’ won the first two matches and tied Frankfurt in the last match, being eliminated only due to goal differential.

As only the top team from each group qualified for the semifinal, Coritiba and Frankfurt, both having won all games, played on Wednesday for the ONE open spot. Goalkeeper Thaddeus, who was red carded the last game, sat out, giving Rodrigo the start. Remaining starters were: Ceara Luccas Claro, Marcelo and Rafael Kneif; Douglas, Guaraci, Louie and Tatuí; Rafinha and Rafhael Lucas.

At 32 ', Frankfurt opened the scoring. O Coxa se manteve atento e chegou perto de marcar com Marcelo. Coritiba remained focused and came close to scoring with Marcelo. O zagueiro coxa-branca cabeceu para o gol, mas os defensores tiraram a bola na linha. Fullback headed at the goal, but the defenders took the ball on the line in No contra-ataque mais um do time alemão.another counter-attack for the German team.

Mas, guerreiro, o Coritiba voltou para o segundo tempo preparado para buscar a classificação. But warriors, Coritiba returned for the second half ready to win. Juninho entrou no lugar de Luizinho e diminuiu aos 13′, cabeceando a bola após cobrança de falta de Tatuí. Juninho came on for Louie at 13' closed the gap, heading the ball after a corner kick from #10 Tatuí. Entraram também Bruno e Ivan nos lugares de Ceará e Rafinha, mas o dia era mesmo de Juninho. Ivan and Bruno were also substituted for Ceará and Rafinha, but the day belonged to Juninho. O atacante coxa-branca fez mais um de cabeça e empatou a partida em 2×2. The striker made headed in a gol, and tied the match 2 × 2.

Pressionando a todo instante, faltava pouco para a virada. Pressing all the time, little was needed to change the game. O árbitro da partida deixou de anotar duas penalidades em favor do Coritiba no segundo tempo. The referee missed 2 fouls/penalties in favor of Coritiba in the second half. E em outra oportunidade, aos 46′, o time chegou na área e chutou a gol. In another opportunity, at 46 'team was in the area and kicked on goal. Na jogada os atletas do Coritiba reclamaram de um toque de mão do zagueiro do Frankfurt na bola, mas o árbitro não assinalou pênalti e encerrou o jogo. The Coritiba athletes complained of hand ball on Frankfurt defender but the referee did not signal a penalty and ended the game. Após o jogo, até o técnico do Frankfurt confessou que houve a penalidade e que o árbitro errou. After the game, even the coach of the Frankfurt confessed that there was a penalty but the referee missed it.

Com o empate, o Coritiba fica invicto, mas deixa a competição pelo saldo de gols. With the tie, Coritiba is undefeated, but leaves the competition due to goal differential. Foi uma vitória por 2 x 0 Houston Dynamo e outra por 1 x 0 contra Alajuelense (com um atleta a menos desde os dois minutos ea defesa de um pênalti). It was a win by 2 x 0 against Houston Dynamo and 1 x 0 over Alajuelense (down an athlete for last two minutes). Juninho foi o artilheiro do Coritiba neste jogo decisivo. Juninho was the top scorer for Coritiba in this final decisive game.

Futebol – Ao jeito do Coritiba

Mario André Mazzuco, Gerente de Futebol

Story by Tammy Swetnam

Futebol – Ao jeito do Coritiba FC

Soccer – The Coritiba FC Way

Mario André Mazzuco, Gerente de Futebol

Mario André Mazzuco, General manager

Cheguei a Greenhill School, onde treina Coritiba FC para o Dallas Cup, nesse Sabado passado com camera, gravador, e perguntas na mao. Ai encontrei um elenco de estrelas. um pouco a ver com o futebol, e mais a ver com os individuos que formam um grupo muito especial de jogadores, treinadores, e administracao. Todos com sorrisos e entusiasmo de estar aqui em Dallas, TX. I arrived this Saturday at the Greenhill School, where Coritiba FC held its training for the Dallas Cup s. I was holding my camera, recorder and questions. What I found there was a cast of stars which had little to do with soccer, and more with the individuals who are part of a special group of players, trainers, and administration. All of them were all smiles and enthusiasm because they were here in Dallas, TX for the Dallas Cup.

Fui apresentada a diretoria do clube, technicos, e todos envolvidos com a realizacao da viagem ao Dallas Cup. Nesse tempo, tive o prazer de fazer uma entrevista muito educativa sobre o futebol dos Estados Unidos, e do Coritiba. I was introduced to the administration staff for the club, coaches and all people involved in the trip to the Dallas Cup. At that time I was pleased to hold a very informational interview about soccer in the U.S. and Coritiba’s soccer.

Qual a sua opiniao sobre o futebol Americano de hoje? (What is your opinion of US soccer today)?

O soccer na verdade. A gente tem acompanhado a evolucao que esta tendo, tanto nos EU como no propio Canada que esta entrando na MLS. A gente tem como exemplo o parque como Pizza Hut Park hoje que tem esses campos que nao existem no Brasil, em lugar algum. Nenhum time de ponto No Brasil nao tem uma strutura como essa. Entao eu acho que e um esporte que vem evoluindo nos Estados Unidos, que esta ganhando espaco que tem, ate porque tem-se trabalhado muito bem o futebol. A gente do Brasil acredita que essa evolucao, ela e e esta em ritmo acelerado, e logo os EU comeca a frequentar bastante cenario mundial em futebol tambem. A selecao ja tem um bom historico. Esses campeonatos que sao organizados agora, aqui um futebol de base, o futebol mais jovem hoje esta tendo um desenvolvimento bem acelerado, ate mais do que outros paises. Actually, soccer right? We have kept up with the new progress of soccer, both in the US as well as in Canada which is being introduced to MLS. We have, for instance, Hut Pizza Park today; they have these fields that are non existent in Brazil anywhere. No team in Brazil has a similar structure. Then I think that it is a sport that is evolving in the US, that is getting some recognition. They have worked a lot for this to happen in soccer. We, Brazilians, believe in this progress, and this quick rhythm is happening, and soon the US will be greatly involved and seen participating worldwide as well. The US National team has already good historic results. These tournaments being organized now, with Academy soccer teams, and young soccer players, are developing teams quickly, even more so than in other countries.

Como voce compara o estilo Americano, com o estilo do Brasil? (How do you compare the differences in style between US and Brazilian futebol)?

O Brasil tem uma vantagem de ser o esporte do Brasil. Todo mundo nasce jogando futebol. Entao voce acaba aprendendo futebol na rua, brincando com os colegas. Entao voce tem o talento, voce tem a qualidade, mais os outros paises em funcao de nao ter esse aspecto cultural tao forte desenvolvido, e trabalha-se muito. A gente nota que as equipes americanas, a gente tambem tem o exemplo da Selecao Japonesa, a gente nota que essas equipes, elas tem o futebol mais organizado, mais trabalhado, no aspecto de fundamento, aspect tatico, trabalhase muito forte. O Brasil e um futebol mais solto, o futebol que a gente brinca, e mais moleque. Mais obviamente tem seu profissionalismo, tem sinceridade, trabalha-se muito, mas e a caracteristica do atleta e diferente nisso. O atleta por exemplo nos EU, os americanos sao mais focados no trabalho, obedecem muito, sao muito obedientes taticamente. O Brasileiro e mais solto um pouco, mais malandro. Entao tem essa difference. Agora, o futebol Americano e um futebol com muita marcacao, a marcacao e muito proxima, muito forte, entao isso dificulta para o Brasil jogar. E o futebol Brasileiro e mais solto. A gente vai ter essa dificuldade aqui em Dallas, com toda certeza.

Brazil has the advantage that soccer is the main sport there. Everybody is born playing soccer. Then you end up learning soccer in the streets, playing with the buddies. Then you have the talent, you have the quality, more then other countries since they do not have this strong cultural aspect, and they work hard. People notice that the American teams, or for example the Japanese National Team, people notice that these teams, them have more organized soccer, better work, in the fundamentals, and in the tactical aspect very strong work. Brazil is a freeform soccer, the soccer that people play is more ‘street’ soccer. For sure, it has its own professional standards, honesty, and we work a lot, but the athlete’s characteristics are different in this point . For instance, the athletes in the US are more focused in their work, they follow directions well, and are tactically very obedient. The Brazilian athlete is looser, a little more of a rascal. That is the difference. However, American soccer is more physical, and a lot of fouling, and that makes it difficult for the Brazilians to play. Brazilian soccer is looser. We’re going to have this problem here in Dallas, for sure.

O que voce espera dessa viagem ao Dallas Cup? Tanto pro time, como pessoalmente? (What are your goals for your trip to the Dallas Cup? For the team, as well as for you personally)

O Coritiba, pra voce ter uma ideia, e a Terceira viagem internacional na historia do clube. Entao pra nos tem um significado muito grande. E a Dallas Cup hoje, talvez o pessoal dos EU nao tenha nocao da grandiosidade do evento. Porque e conhecido pelo mundialmente. Em particular no Brasil, pra nos tem un significado muito grande para as equipes. Varias equipes ja vinheram pra ca, algumas conquistaram Dallas Cup, entao por exemplo uma conquista aqui e como se fosse um titulo de campeao mundial no Brasil. Entao a gente vem pra essa viagem com a maior espectativa possivel. Coritiba tambem o ano passado, sagrou-se campeao Nacional, dessa categoria. Entao esse time, foi campeao Brasileiro no ano passado. Tambem na primeira vez na historia do clube. Em 100 anos Coritiba nunca teve titulo Nacional da base. Entao a gente esta passando um dos melhores momentos do Coritiba. Hoje no Brasil a equipe do professional e considerado o melhor time do Brasil em termos de ultimos resultados. Entao a gente esta vivendo um momento muito feliz, um momento de muitas conquistas, e a Dallas Cup, hoje ela significa pra nos, uma possibilidade de realmente selar esse momento com uma conquista Internacional, que nunca aconteceu. E pra mim pessoalmente, isso e indescritivel, de poder trazer, estar no comando de um time como o Coritiba hoje, aqui numa competicao fora do Brasil, a gente esta vivendo um sonho. E dentro do nosso trabalho, dentro do nosso professionalismo, e a espectativa que a gente conquiste esse titulo. For you to have an idea, this is only the third international trip for Coritiba in the history of the club. For us, it means a lot. To be at the Dallas Cub now is a great event, and perhaps the people in the US have no idea of what it means. Because Dallas Cup is well known worldwide. Specially in Brazil, this means a lot for the teams. Several teams have come here already, some won the Dallas Cub. Therefore, if we win here is the same as if we win a world championship. We have come in this trip with the highest expectations. Last year, Coritiba won the national championship in this category. This same team won the Brazilian championship last year. It was the first time in the club’s history. Coritiba had never been a champion in its 100 years. And so we are experiencing one of the best moments in Coritiba history. Presently in Brazil the professional team is considered the best team of the country based on the last results. We are having a very happy time, a period of many victories, and the Dallas Cub means a lot for us, and it is a chance to ‘put the icing on the cake’ with an international victory which has never happened before. For me, personally, this is unimaginable…to be able to bring the team and be directing the Coritiba today in a tournament outside Brazil, we are living a true dream…and in doing realizing this work, in our professionalism, the expectation is that we will capture this title.

Voces tem algun torneio tipo Dallas Cup no Brasil? Onde se convidam times internacionais?(Do you have anything like the Dallas Cup in Brasil, where you have internacional team competing?)

Internacionalmente, nao. Uma outra competicao la, inclusive uma outra competicao que iniciou no final do ano passado, em que acabamos nao participando, mais que Brasil e muito dificil trazer equipe de fora. E mais o contrario que acontece. Que e a gente sair do pais …No Brasil e dificil. Por isso que eu falo, esta visao que o Americano tem, de organizacao de proprio Europeu tambem, o Brasil nao tem de organizar competicoes. E trazer…parece que tudo e custo, tudo e caro, as entidades nao querem investir nesse tipo de competicao. Entao por isso que acontece mais o contrario, das equipes do Brasil sairem pra disputar. Se nao nimguem vai disputar. Mas esse nivel como Dallas nao tem. Tem no nivel nacional competicoes excelentes, mas no nivel internacional com Dallas Cup nao existe no Brasil. Internationally, not. One another competition there, also one another competition that initiated last year, where we ended up not participating, it is very difficult for Brazil to bring teams from outside. Usually the opposite happens. Which is where we leave the country…In Brazil, it is difficult. Therefore that is why I say, this vision Americans have, of organization that Europeans also have, Brazil does not have (the ability) to organize competitions. To bring them in… it seems that there is a cost for everything and everything is expensive, the organizations do not want to invest in this type of competition. Therefore that is why the opposite happens more often, with Brazilian teams leaving to compete. If not, there will not be any competitions. But this level as Dallas Cup, it does not exist. We have at the national level excellent competitions, but in the international level with Dallas Cup it does not exist in Brazil.

Coritiba tem programas de intercambio? Pensam em convidar clubes daqui de Dallas para virem ao Coritiba? (Does Coritiba have training exchange programs? Will you be inviting clubs from Dallas to visit Coritiba?)

Mas intercambio o Coritiba ja faz. Ja trouxemos equipes, inclusive foram de Sao Francisco, World United, equipes do Canada tambem, Quebec e outras cidades, que a gente tem programas de intercambio. Isso Coritiba tem. Vao, passam la uma semana, treinam, fazem amistosos, fazem treino, assistem jogo de professional, programa cultural, com cultura local, alimentacao. Tudo isso a gente faz desde 2009. Um dos objetivos do Coritiba e enquanto estamos aqui, de divulgar esse trabalho nosso. Temos programa sim. Estamos com toda a strutura que eles precisam la. We do already have an exchange program. We’ve already had teams, from San Francisco, World United, teams of Canada also, Quebec and other cities. This program Coritiba does have. They go, they stay one week there, they train, they play friendly games, they train(with our coaches), they attend professional a game, cultural programs, local culture outings, and a food program. We’ve had this program since 2009. . This is one of Coritiba’s objectives while we are here, is to divulge and publish this program. We have program yes. We have all the structure they need there.

O treino no Brasil, como que se compara com o treino Profissional com o da Base? Mesma coisa? (In Brasil, how is the training different between the Academy and the professional team? Is it the same?)

No Brasil treina-se muito. Uma cultura um pouco diferente do, por exemplo Europeu, que treina um periodo so por dia. Na categoria de base, por exemplo essa equipe que esta aqui em Dallas, ela treina da mesma forma que professional. Ate porque sao adultos, acima de 18 anos praticamente todos. Entao o treinamento ja e feito seguindo o professional. Treina-se na mesma quantidade, da mesma forma, e treina-se junto pro professional tambem poder observer o atleta junior, pra poder ir puxando pra equipe principal. Entao as outras categorias, os treinos sao divididos por faixa etaria, do grau de maturacao, e essas coisas. Entao a carga do treino e diferente das idades inferiors. Mas nessa equipe de Dallas, treina-se igual ao professional la.

In Brazil we practice a lot . A very different culture, indeed; different from the European soccer; they train only during one practice a day. For example, this team that came to Dallas, practices the same as the professional. They are adults, all of them, most of them are over 18. At this point, training follows the professional standards. We train the same amount and next to the professional in order to observe the junior athlete in order to bring him to the main team. Then for the other categories, practices are divided by age, by the degree of maturity and such. The practice load is different for the lower age groups. However, this group that came to the Dallas Cub, the practice is the same as the professionals there.

E isso e oque? Quantos dias, quantas horas? (what does that mean? How many days and hours?)

A gente treina de Segunda a Segunda, que tem jogos finais de semana que considera-se treino tambem, mas e jogo. Mas se fala em termos de periodo. Cada periodo e uma manha, uma tarde. Entao, no Juniors, tem em torno de 8 periodos por semana. Quase todos os dias, duas vezes por dia. Em media sao 8 periodos por semana, que e o que o professional faz tambem. Muda-se so em funcao de carga treino. Diminue-se se tiver jogo. Mas em media e isso ai.

People train Monday to Monday, and there are weekend games of week that count as training, but are games. But we speaks in terms of training periods. Each period is one morning, or an afternoon. The Juniors, have around 8 periods per week. Almost every day, two times per day. On average they are 8 periods per week, and the professional has the same. One only changes in function of the load of games. We lower the number of periods if there are games. But on average and that is it.

Quantos jogos tem numa temporada? Profissional e Base? (How many games are in a season for the Professional, and the Academy teams?)

No professional tem o calendario do Brasileiro tem 38 jogos. O Paranaense tem na media de 20 jogos. A gent epode jogar em media entre 60 e 65 jogos no ano. E muita coisa. Um time de Juniors joga menos, mas jogam en torno de 40 jogos na temporada.

In the professional, the calendar of the Brazilian has 38 games. The Paranaense has about 20 games. They play on average between 60 and 65 games in the year. A lot of soccer. A teams of Juniors plays less, but they play about 40 games in the season.

Dentro dessa equipe aqui em Dallas, ha algum jogador que esta se destacando no profisional? (From this team, is there a player tha is already starting for the professional line-up?)

Tem. O Lucas Claro, que e o nosso capitao, que e um zagueiro, ja esta jogando no professional. So que ele ainda tem idade de Juniors. Entao a gente trouxe ele pela questao da qualidade, e pela lideranca que ele tem no grupo. Mas ele ja esta integrado no profisional. Esses meninos do time, todos ja chegaram a quase todos ja treinaram com o professional alguma vez. Nao chegaram a se integrar em definitivo, mas todos ja tiveram uma experiencia, ate porque te falei dessa proximidade que a gente tem do profisional com Juniors.Deles treinarem juntos, no mesmo CT, no campo ao lado. Quase todo treino estao treinando juntos. Lucas Claro, our captain, and fullback, is already playing at the professional level. However, his age still qualifies him to play with the junior team. We brought him along because of his quality talent, and because of his leadership with the group. But he is already playing among the professional players. These young players have at one time or another trained with the professionals. They did not join the professionals but they already had the experience. As I already mentioned how they train next to each other, the professionals and the junior league. They practice together almost every practice.

Quem vai ser sua maior competicao?( Who do you believe will be your biggest competition?)

Primeiro que o nivel de competicao e muito alto. Isso e fato. Independente que, voce nao pode considerar a camisa do profisional seja o mesmo da Base. Entao as vezes voce tem um Real Madrid no profisional, mas que na base nao e tanto. E tambem o contrario. Mas gente ve que o trabalho hoje e muito bem feito. Fizemos um amistoso com FCDallas agora, e ganhamos 1-0. Isso a dois dias atras. Jogamos contra o time que ia disputar o Dallas Cup. Mas o jogo foi muito dificil. Que nos, naturalmente, se tem Arsenal, se tem Barcelona, Corinthians, uma equipe forte do Brasil. En special, no nosso grupo, a gente tem notado que e um grupo muito forte. Tem o Houston Dynamo, que e um time traditional do EU. Que a gente acredita que a base tem um bom trabalho. E ve nas ultimas noticias que o time esta em destaque hoje. E ai voce tem o time que e o Frankfurt da Alemanha que a gente ja conhece, e tem o Alajualense da Costa Rica…O meu favorito e o Coritiba. Quero que seja o favorito. Quero que seja campeao.Agora, a gente vai ter que enfrentar grandes adversarios. First, the level of competition and very high. This is a fact. Independent of that, you cannot consider the shirt of the professional(team) is the same of the Academy team. There are times you have a Real Madrid in the professional(team) but that in the Academy they are not at the same level. E also the opposite is true. But we see that the work today is very good. We had a scrimmage with FCDallas now, and won 1-0. This happened two days ago. We play against the team from the Dallas Cup. But the game was very difficult. There is the Houston Dynamo, which is a traditional US team. We believe that the Academy is well developed work. We see in the news lately that the team is well known. Then there is the Frankfurt from Germany, already known to us, and the Alajualense from Costa Rica. My favorite is Coritiba, no matter which one may be the favorite team. I want Coritiba to be the Champion. We will have to play against very great adversaries.

Quem voce acha que vai chegar na final? (Who do you believe will get to the final?)

Acho que todos tem a possibilidade de chegar. Vai depender do momento, do jogo, do involvimento, e e isso que a gente cobra muito dos nossos atletas. Que tenham foco na competicao, sejam concentrados, e deem o maximo em todas as partidas.

I believe all (the teams) have a possibility to get there. It will depend on the moment, the game, the focus(involvement), and this is what we demand from our atheletes. They must focus in the competition/game, they concentrate, and that they give everything (100%) in every game