Saturday, August 1, 2009

Five Questions - Ruben Luna

Starting a new feature. 5 question quick hits with Dallas Cup alumni and friends.

by isiphoto

Hello Ruben,

Thank You for taking some time doing this. You’ll be our first interviewee for our blog site.

DC10: Can you share some memorable moments from your experience at this year’s Dallas Cup?

RL: The most memorable moment at this year’s Dallas Cup was when we were down 3-0 at halftime at our last game of group play, we had to win, and we came back and won 5-3. It was an amazing feeling to advance to the Quarter finals that way!

DC10: Coming into the 2nd year of the FC Dallas Juniors’ program, it’s hard to imagine the level of success of the program and the record setting performance you and your teammates have achieved. Can you share a moment that will stick out more than others?

RL: It was pretty crazy how it all turned out. Well we had a great first season, we felt like everyone’s standards were really high and that helped us get to nationals but, we hope next year we can win it all. A moment that will stick out more than others was definitely when the camera men told me I got player of the year and, he wasn’t suppose to tell me. Ha-ha

DC10: How has FC Dallas, Oscar and Chris impacted your development?

RL: We have great coaches. I definitely wouldn’t be the same player without them. And, they have helped me develop into a better player without a doubt. They have impacted my development as a player and I'm really thankful for them.

DC10: The question of your nationality has come into discussion. If you had the opportunity to choose from either national team, do you have a preference at this point?

RL: It would be an honor to play for a national team, U.S or Mexico. For now I don’t know what the future holds for me.

DC10: How will you spend your off-season?

RL: This off-season I have just been hanging out with my friends and family and going to church, nothing special just enjoying the break.

Thank You Ruben.

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