Thursday, February 23, 2012


“Which team was the Dallas Texans First Choice”

“From which country did the team that Solar had last year come from”

“Andromeda cannot have that team they are in their bracket”

“AYSES Gold” had a team from England last year, they should have another country team this year”

Just a few comments by members of the “Homestay Committee” last year as they attempted to finalize the local teams choices of which international team they would host for Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIII.

It has always been the aim of the “Homestay Selection Committee” to give our local teams their choice of the visiting team that they wish to host. Unfortunately it is not always possible for example all four local team in one group last year made the same international team their first choice!

With all this in mind we decided this year to change the selection format and make it interesting and fun. Each local team will draw the international team that they will host.

The rules for the draw being as follows:

1. Local teams will draw in the order of their finish in the Classic League Fall Season or US and USSF Academy leagues.

2. The local team cannot draw an international team in their bracket, if so they will draw again.

No other Rules!

We hope that our local team representatives will enjoy their involvement in the selection of “their” visiting international team and we thank them for their time and support to the Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIII, it is very much appreciated.

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