Thursday, March 10, 2011

North Texas Strikers helped bring Club Bolivar to Dallas Cup XXXII

Nicola Miller (sports writer)

Club BOLIVAR, Stars Soccer Academy, Club BOLIVAR President Marcelo Claure and Coach Reynaldo Lopez are pleased with this great opportunity to show the world Club BOLIVAR is a great club and Bolivia a great country to develop players at all levels!!

Club BOLIVAR will participate in the premier group of the Dallas Cup tournament. (The U-19 Super Group) With a total of 16 teams, Club Bolivar will be competing for the title against international clubs including: Arsenal FC (England), FC Barcelona(Spain),SC Corinthians Paulista(Brazil), Coritiba FC (Brazil), Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany), Tigres(Mexico), Club BolĂ­var(Bolivia), LD Alajuelense(Costa Rica), CS Cartagines (Costa Rica), Chorrillo FC (Panama), Japan National Team U-18, Vancouver Whitecaps(Canada), Dallas Texans (USA), FC Dallas (USA), Houston Dynamo (USA), and Real Salt Lake-AZ (USA).

The journey to the 2011 Dallas Cup for Club BOLIVAR began 6 years ago with former Club BOLIVAR player, former 1987 Super Group Dallas Cup Player (Oceanside NY Champs) and the 2009 North Texas Soccer Association (NTSA) Coach of the Year, Coach Reynaldo Lopez. Coach Rey is one of the Head Coaches for the North Texas Strikers Soccer Club. He is well known in the North Texas area for his work with the youth divisions of Classic league. He has given opportunities to Bolivian youth players to develop at an international level. Coach Rey has hosted Bolivian boys to compete in the highest Division of Select Classic league. They lived with American families and learned the philosophy and the language of this great country.

Coach Rey had the opportunity to meet Mr. Marcelo Claure (President of Club BOLIVAR) early last year “Marcelo has an extraordinary vision to promote all Bolivian professional soccer and of course, Club BOLIVAR to the highest level”. Lopez said, “As soon as the idea to bring Club BOLIVAR to the 2011 Dallas Cup was mentioned his support was 100% positive”, Marcelo replied, “Let’s do it! Let’s give the youngest divisions of Club BOLIVAR the importance that other Clubs in the world have and this will be the perfect start at international level!” The decision was made!

Club Bolivar fast facts:

  • Club BOLIVAR every year is # 9 in South American famous Copa Libertadores (with 184 teams participating in the history?)
  • Club BOLIVAR has 27 Participations in Copa Libertadores de America
  • 7 Participations in the New South Americana Cup with a Final vs., Famous Boca Juniors team from Argentina (2004)
  • Ranked #5 in the Sudamericana Cup.
  • 32 Championships in the Bolivian professional Soccer league.
  • Provided 16 players for the World Cup National Team that play in EEUU.
  • Former champions in Division U-11 - U-17 - U-19, Runner-up Division U-13, U-9 for the Bolivian National Youth League federation.
  • Provided players every year to the international market in Europe and Mexico.

All the communities are invited to support the team in EEUU. This will be a special time to see “EL GRAN” ,(THE BEST ) “LA ACADEMIA “ (THE ACADEMY) is what they call his excellent style of soccer.


Coach Reynaldo Lopez has the full rights (by law) to represent Club Bolivar in all matters of the participation in the 2011 Dallas Cup.

If you need information regarding the activities and games, etc. feel free to contact Coach Reynaldo Lopez at

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