Friday, March 25, 2011

Dr Pepper Dallas Cup will provide Olympic size coverage

The Dallas Cup will provide Olympic size coverage. In 2009, the Dallas Cup was one of the first tournaments to use Twitter. The experiment opened access to fans from all parts of the world. In that summer, the Dallas Cup Facebook fanpage was launched for the purpose of fans and players to stay in touch and share their experiences. The fanpage is a place where the Dallas Cup keeps track of players and teams of past, present and future. Once again for this year’s tournament, the Dallas Cup will incorporate additional new media into our coverage. The Dallas Cup will experiment with Ustream TV and introducing our new Spanish Twitter account @DallasCupES. We look forward in continuing our pioneer spirit into social media. And if you are interested in joining the Dallas Cup Social Media Committee, please contact

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Coach Rey and what he does for the kids and Youth in the area, This is great for all the Classic league Players and the Bolivians...

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