Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I remember I saw _____ at the Dallas Cup

photo by Pablo Serna

One of the reason that drew me to volunteering with the Dallas Cup was the lack of background information on the incoming teams and players. For many years, the Dallas Cup has boasted alumni that are now the super stars of this sport. But how do know if they are future stars when they are just 12 to 18 year's old? Our mission to enhance the Dallas Cup experience is to give you that background information. We've had a lot of special players to come through the past year but there is one player that you want to be able to say, " I saw Clint Dempsey, Wayne Rooney or Chicharito Hernandez play at the Dallas Cup " Well if you are a fan of world football/soccer, this maybe the last time you see this player for free. 10 feet from you and even to the untrained eye, you can see what an incredible talent you are witnessing. Take a long lunch break. Come out to FC Dallas stadium complex field #4 today at noon and watch #20 for Everton play. By this time next year he will be on your Saturday morning EPL package bossing the midfield at Goodison Park.

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Anonymous said...

If you are referring to Ross Barkley, he has already featured for the Toffee's senior side several times this season, and is an England Under 21 international.. Quality player..

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