Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Dr Pepper Dallas Cup Games Online Stream

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* Subject to change due to weather and field condition *

Dr Pepper Dallas Cup Channel brought to you by High Shots Video 

Coritiba vs Kashiwa Reysol April 4th
2pm CST
Paris St. Germain vs Dallas Texans
4pm CST

Dr Pepper Dallas Cup Livestream brought to you by

(International IP only)
Manchester United vs Tigres UANL April 4th 
8:30 PM CST


Jeff said...

International IP only? What about us US based fans that don't live in DFW or are traveling on business? Make these matches available!

Cindy Jan said...

Jeff, Click on High Shots Video for US base fans. I was able to watch today livestream today and I live in Dallas

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