Sunday, April 17, 2011

“Monkey Business”

“Monkey Business”

At Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXII

17-24 April 2011

The Scene – A management meeting at Texas Motor Speedway

The Subject –Program sales

A moment of frustration – A senior member at the table states, “There is no reason for low program sales, a monkey could sell programs!!!”

The moment of action – Eddie Gossage, the General Manager and a superb marketing man leaves the meeting the “seed is sown.”

The next speedway event – The monkey are in business Eddie Gossage has found his super salesmen Mikey and Rocky are on duty with their lady handlers (names of ladies)

The program sale lines are long, parents with their children and cameras in hand, male and female motor racing enthusiasts all in line to “ purchase from a monkey.” A great story for the office or work place on Monday morning. ‘I bought a program from a monkey’

For Texas Motor Speedway, record program sales, a great PR/Media exercise by Eddie Gossage with TV interviews and coverage by the major metroplex TV stations. A great success, all down to “A monkey could sell our programs.”

Not one to copy but Dallas Cup Executive Director Gordon Jago is always looking for ways to improve every aspect of the Dr Pepper Dallas Cup Tournament and felt (decided) that with so many young soccer players and fans involved with the weeklong tournament. “The Monkeys” would the perfect “match” with the tournaments audience.

On opening day 17 April at Pizza Hut Park Stadium Mikey and Rocky along with their handlers will be on duty selling the 104 page tournament program price $3 (discounted by $2). Bring your camera to prove that you did buy a program from an adorable monkey in his splendid soccer uniform. Have fun and enjoy a Dallas Cup experience.

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