Friday, April 10, 2009

Wind becomes a factor in Dallas...again (Subscription needed)

Written by ESNN (Elite Soccer News Network)
April 09, 2009

FRISCO, TEXAS – After a two-day absence, the high winds came back to Pizza Hut Park and the 30th Dallas Cup, making a huge impact on the 12 quarterfinal matches played here Thursday.

Los Angeles FC Chelsea coach Josh Henderson described the effect of the wind on the matches, noting that teams who can play it on the deck have a decided advantage in such conditions.

"When it's this windy obviously managing the wind is everything. It can come down to who reacts to the wind and who almost forgets about the wind at times, and plays through it," Henderson said. "We like to keep the ball on the ground and keep it moving, so hopefully it doesn't affect us as much as teams that like to keep the ball in the air, but today you could see the wind had a great effect on the game."...more

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